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Cheltenham Festival Scoop6 On Each Day

Totepool will once again be hosting a Scoop6 pool on all four days at this year’s Cheltenham Festival and Scoop6 Superclub will open a special series to play the four days of the meeting inthe Cotswolds.

The Cheltenham Festival Scoop6 pools will be a continuation of the Saturday Scoop6 from Tuesday March 13th to Friday March 16th.

Any rollovers (win, place or bonus fund) from the Scoop6 on Saturday 10th March will be carried forward to the Cheltenham Festival Scoop6 on Tuesday 13th March. Rollovers from the Tuesday will be carried forward to the Cheltenham Festival Scoop6 on Wednesday and so on throughout the week.

Any rollovers from the Scoop6 pool on Friday 16th March will be carried forward to Saturday 17th March, after which the Saturday Scoop6 will continue to be a Saturday to Saturday bet.

Scoop6 races will be chosen the day before and communicated in the usual way.

It may be that some races within the Cheltenham Festival Scoop6 are chosen from other race meetings taking place on that day.

Any winner of the Scoop6 main fund will have an opportunity to play for the bonus fund on the day of the next Scoop6.

Customers are required to register for the relevant bonus fund up to one hour before the scheduled off time of the chosen bonus race. Any customer that qualifies to play for the bonus fund is asked to register by phoning the Scoop6 bonus race hotline on 0800 028 4418.

The Friday Scoop6, which usually covers racing on a Friday evening, will not take place on Friday 16th March.

For the avoidance of doubt, please see below a list of dates that Scoop6 pools are scheduled to take place during and around this year’s Cheltenham festival.

Saturday 10th March

Tuesday 13th March

Wednesday 14th March

Thursday 15th March

Friday 16th March

Saturday 17th March

Totepool rules apply.