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£500,000 Scoop6 to shoot at on Day Two at Royal Ascot

With no success in the Scoop6 on the opening day of Royal Ascot, punters will wake up on Wednesday with a win fund worth £69,972 and an ever increasing bonus fund of £303,306 to aim at on day two.

Wednesday’s Scoop consists of five of the six races from Royal Ascot, with a sole visit to Hamilton for their 4.05pm contest included as the third leg. Scoop6 Superclub won\'t be playing until that win fund grows to a decent level.

There is also an extra bonus of £100,000 available courtesy of Betfred boss Fred Done for a single Scoop6 winner from one of the following qualifying channels – Betfred shops, or Betfred mobile.

The writing was on the wall early on the opening day as less than 2% of tickets survived Lord Glitters’ opening Queen Anne victory. Only 69 Scoop6 punters were rejoicing alongside favourite backers when Arizona scored a ninth Coventry Stakes success for Aidan O’Brien as the 15/8f before Blue Point’s second King Stand success at 5/2 left a sweet sixteen units left with three races gone.

The fourth leg at Thirsk went the way of Buckland Boy who was covered by just a single unit. That sole remaining ticket was on Mengli Khan who never got involved in the Ascot Stakes.

Totepool spokesman Matt Hulmes said: “Punters were out of luck in the Scoop6 on the opening day of Royal Ascot but can look forward to a potential £1/2 million in combined pots on Wednesday.” 

The Scoop6 place fund paid £558.10 and was won by 11 units.

The totejackpot on Wednesday consists of all six races on the opening day of Royal Ascot 2019 with a guaranteed £25,000 pool.

totescoop6 races – 19/06/2019 

Leg 1: 2:30 Royal Ascot

Leg 2: 3:40 Royal Ascot

Leg 3: 4:05 Hamilton

Leg 4: 4:20 Royal Ascot

Leg 5:5:00 Royal Ascot

Leg 6: 5:35 Royal Ascot

totejackpot – 19/06/2019

Leg 1: 2:30 Royal Ascot

Leg 2: 3:05 Royal Ascot

Leg 3: 3:40 Royal Ascot

Leg 4: 4:20 Royal Ascot

Leg 5:5:00 Royal Ascot

Leg 6: 5:35 Royal Ascot

Tuesday   18th   June   2019  

Win                   Not Won                   rollover £ 69,972    

Place                £ 558.10                     11 winners                       

Bonus              Not Won                   rollover £ 303,306 


Leg 1, Ascot                          2.30 pm –  7, 3, 16

Leg 2, Ascot                          3.05 pm –  1F, 16, 5

Leg 3, Ascot                          3.40 pm –  2, 1F, 10                   

Leg 4, Thirsk                         4.35 pm -   9, 1F, 6  

Leg 5, Ascot                          5.00 pm –  1, 18, 3, 19

Leg 6, Ascot                          5.35 pm –  5, 16F, 2

Win Fund units left after leg 1         295  

Win Fund units left after leg 2         69

Win Fund units left after leg 3         16

Win Fund units left after leg 4         1

Win Fund units left after leg 5         0

Last unit on no. 5 - Mengli Khan

Gold Cup Day Scoop6 races announced

The Scoop6 races for Gold Cup Day at Royal Ascot have been revealed.

Five of the six races are from Royal Ascot, with one from Chelmsford’s Ladies Day event, the 3:30pm contest, making up the six legs. 

Details of rollovers will be communicated at the conclusion of the bet this afternoon.

Should the win fund be successfully landed this afternoon, the bonus race will be the 5.00 Royal Ascot, The Britannia Handicap.

Totepool spokesman Matt Hulmes said: “Gold Cup Day is the feature event of the week at Royal Ascot and we have devised the Scoop6 to also take in one of Chelmsford’s contests on their feature Ladies Day.” 

The totejackpot on Thursday consists of all six races on the opening day of Royal Ascot 2019 with a guaranteed £25,000 pool.

totescoop6 races – 20/06/2019 

Leg 1: 3:05 Royal Ascot

Leg 2: 3:30 Chelmsford

Leg 3: 3:40 Royal Ascot

Leg 4: 4:20 Royal Ascot

Leg 5:5:00 Royal Ascot

Leg 6: 5:35 Royal Ascot

totejackpot – 20/06/2019

Leg 1: 2:30 Royal Ascot

Leg 2: 3:05 Royal Ascot

Leg 3: 3:40 Royal Ascot

Leg 4: 4:20 Royal Ascot

Leg 5:5:00 Royal Ascot

Leg 6: 5:35 Royal Ascot

*totescoop6 bonus race – 20/06/2019 

5:00 Royal Ascot

*potential bonus race if the Scoop6 win fund is won on Tuesday

Scoop6 Funds Roll into Royal Ascot

An estimated £450,000 in combined funds looks set to grace the Scoop6 on the opening day of Royal Ascot after both the win and bonus funds went begging on Saturday afternoon.

The win fund will begin the highest profile meeting of the summer worth £57,692 while the bonus fund brags £298,920 before the pools open again on Tuesday morning.

This afternoon\'s bonus hunter chose Victory Day in the big sprint at York who was agonizingly beaten into second when failing to reel in 20/1 winner Recon Mission, while the win fund rolled over after the final two tickets were knocked out in the fifth leg at Sandown by 5/1 winner History Writer.

The opening race this afternoon went to 5/1 shot Arctic Fox before wins for Kurious, also at 5/1, and 14/1 victor Firmament left 11 tickets standing at the halfway stage before Durston scored at Chester at 4/1 to leave the final duo going into Sandown.

Totepool spokesman Matt Hulmes said “All eyes turn to Royal Ascot on Tuesday and more than a glance will be made at a big sized pot in the Scoop6. With a win fund estimated to be worth £125,000 and a bonus fund ballooning to £325,000, punters can feast on the best horse racing action, fashion and fine dining alongside the opportunity to scoop a royal fortune for just £2 stake.”

The place fund on Saturday paid £936.00 and was won by 15 units.

Saturday   15th   June   2019

Win                   Not Won                   rollover £ 57,692        to Tuesday 18th June    

Place                £ 936.00                     15 winners                       

Bonus              Not Won                   rollover £ 298,920      to Tuesday 18th June


Leg 1, York                            1.50 pm –  12, 7, 10

Leg 2, Sandown                    2.05 pm –  7, 5, 8

Leg 3, York                            2.25 pm –  12, 11, 10, 9                 

Leg 4, Chester                       2.40 pm -   5, 2F  N/R 4  

Leg 5, Sandown                    3.15 pm –  10, 3, 11

Leg 6, York                            3.35 pm –  4, 17F, 16, 7

Win Fund units left after leg 1         7,067  

Win Fund units left after leg 2         338

Win Fund units left after leg 3         11

Win Fund units left after leg 4         2

Win Fund units left after leg 5         0

Trio of Tracks host Scoop6 Ahead of Royal Ascot

It’s a final chance to boost the bank ahead of five fantastic days at Royal Ascot courtesy of the Scoop6 this afternoon.

One winner took the £224,000 win fund last Saturday and will have their sights on the £288,891 bonus pot if selecting the winner of the 3.35 York this afternoon. However, that bonus could be on offer at the Royal racecourse on Tuesday if they are unsuccessful and six winners are found at York, Chester and Sandown this afternoon.

Three races hail from the Knavesmire, a brace from Esher and a sole visit to the Roodee make up the six legs.

There is also an extra bonus of £100,000 available courtesy of Betfred boss Fred Done for a single Scoop6 winner from one of the following qualifying channels – Betfred shops, or Betfred mobile.

Totepool spokesman Matt Hulmes said: “With Royal Ascot on the horizon, many punters will have an eye on the Scoop6 this weekend to bolster the betting bank. Should the bonus go begging on Saturday, one punter who lands the Scoop6 today, plus Fred’s £100k bonus then goes on to add the bonus fund on Tuesday at Royal Ascot, could well be £1/2 million better off.” 

The totejackpot on Saturday takes in the first six races at York getting underway at 1:50pm while the totetrifecta rollover race is the feature race on the Knavesmire at 3.35pm, the Pavers Foundation Catherine Memorial Sprint Handicap.

Sunday\'s totejackpot is the first six races at Salisbury, with the opening contest due off at 1.55pm.

Totepool have announced there will be a Scoop6 running every day during Royal Ascot.

The Royal Ascot Scoop6 pools will be a continuation of the Saturday Scoop6.

Any rollovers (Win, Place or Bonus fund) from the Scoop6 this Saturday will be carried forward to the Royal Ascot Scoop6 on Tuesday. Rollovers from Tuesday will be carried forward to the Royal Ascot Scoop6 on Wednesday and so on throughout the week.

Scoop6 races will be chosen the day before each pool and communicated in the usual way.

Any winner of the Scoop6 win fund will have an opportunity to play for the bonus fund on the day of the next Scoop6. 

totescoop6 races – 15/06/2019 

Leg 1: 1:50 York

Leg 2: 2:05 Sandown

Leg 3: 2:25 York

Leg 4: 2:40 Chester

Leg 5:3:15 Sandown

Leg 6: 3:35 York

totescoop6 bonus race – 15/06/2019 

3:35 York

totetrifecta rollover race – 15/06/2019 

3:35 York

totejackpot – 15/06/2019

Leg 1: 1:50 York

Leg 2: 2:25 York

Leg 3: 3:00 York

Leg 4: 3:35 York

Leg 5:4:05 York

Leg 6: 4:40 York

totejackpot – 16/06/2019

Leg 1: 1:55 Salisbury

Leg 2: 2:30 Salisbury

Leg 3: 3:05 Salisbury

Leg 4: 3:35 Salisbury

Leg 5:4:10 Salisbury

Leg 6: 4:45 Salisbury

Cold Stare Collects Scoop6 for Single Ticket Holder

A single ticket landed the £224,000 win fund in the Scoop6 this weekend afternoon after Cold Stare took the final leg at Haydock. 

David O’Meara’s charge ploughed through the Merseyside mud and was covered by just one unit of sixteen that had made it through a testing afternoon.

The successful punter now has the chance to add the £288,891 bonus fund next Saturday to take their winnings over £1/2 million. Should they not be successful, the bonus fund will roll into the opening day of Royal Ascot if six winners are successfully selected next Saturday. 

It means Scoop6 SuperClub plans to relaunch next Saturday with a bid for the rollover pools will be on hold for a while until the pots reach the right level for syndicate success.

Punters got off to the best start with the strongly fancied 3/1 favourite Awe winning at Newmarket, followed by Red Galileo scoring at 8/1 to the delight of 1154 punters. Maid Of India landed a 9/1 success in leg three at Haydock meaning just 84 remained at the halfway stage.

Sixty our of those tickets were on well backed favourite Safe Voyage in the fourth leg on Merseyside before the market leader Flavius Titus sent sixteen through to the finale.

Totepool spokesman Matt Hulmes said “Congratulations to the winning punter who plotted a safe voyage through the afternoon to scoop the £224,000 win fund. Best of luck to them next week in their bonus quest next Saturday. Scoop6 punters will be eyeing up Royal Ascot fortunes though should the bonus go begging in seven day’s time.”

The place fund paid £96.20 and was won by 242 units.

Totepool have announced there will be a Scoop6 running every day during Royal Ascot.

The Royal Ascot Scoop6 pools will be a continuation of the Saturday Scoop6.

Any rollovers (Win, Place or Bonus fund) from the Scoop6 on Saturday 15th June will be carried forward to the Royal Ascot Scoop6 on Tuesday 18th June. Rollovers from the Tuesday will be carried forward to the Royal Ascot Scoop6 on Wednesday and so on throughout the week.

Scoop6 races will be chosen the day before each pool and communicated in the usual way.

Any winner of the Scoop6 win fund will have an opportunity to play for the bonus fund on the day of the next Scoop6. 

Saturday   8th   June   2019

Win                   £ 224,000.70             1 winner

Place                £ 96.20                       242 winners

Bonus              Not Won                   rollover £ 288,891 


Leg 1, Newmarket                 2.10 pm –  7F, 1, 11

Leg 2, Newmarket                 2.45 pm –  1, 9, 2

Leg 3, Haydock                     3.00 pm –  6, 9, 3

Leg 4, Haydock                     3.35 pm -   8F, 10, 1  N/Rs 5, 9, 11

Leg 5, Newmarket                 3.55 pm –  10F, 12, 9  N/Rs 3, 15

Leg 6, Haydock                     4.10 pm –  7, 2, 3

Win Fund units left after leg 1         23,037  

Win Fund units left after leg 2         1,154

Win Fund units left after leg 3         84

Win Fund units left after leg 4         62

Win Fund units left after leg 5         16

Haydock and HQ Set the Scene for Saturday Scoop6

The Scoop6 pools are rising significantly after a few weeks of rollovers with the win and bonus funds already worth £450,000 and set to top the £550,000 marker this weekend.

Three races a piece from Haydock and Newmarket form the action with the first four races live on ITV4. are hoping for a rollover with the heavy ground at Haydock likely to throw up some freak results, but another roll will put us in poll position to play next weekend and into Royal Ascot, which depending on results this weekend is the plan and Series 71 will be back on with a new one-dayer opened in advance.

There is also an extra bonus of £100,000 available courtesy of Betfred boss Fred Done for a single Scoop6 winner from one of the following qualifying channels – Betfred shops, or Betfred mobile.

Totepool spokesman Matt Hulmes said: “Once again the Scoop6 is offering life changing sums with over £550,000 estimated to grace the combined funds once Saturday’s action gets underway. With plenty of rain around the country yesterday, the current big fields may see a fair few non-runners and tempt plenty of punters to play for the spiraling prize.” 

The totejackpot on Saturday takes in the first six races at Haydock getting underway at 1:45pm while the totetrifecta rollover race is the feature race on Merseyside at 3.35, the Betway John Of Gaunt Stakes.

Sunday\'s totejackpot is the first six races at Goodwood, with the opening contest due off at 2.00pm.

Totepool have announced there will be a Scoop6 running every day during Royal Ascot.

The Royal Ascot Scoop6 pools will be a continuation of the Saturday Scoop6.

Any rollovers (Win, Place or Bonus fund) from the Scoop6 on Saturday 15th June will be carried forward to the Royal Ascot Scoop6 on Tuesday 18th June. Rollovers from the Tuesday will be carried forward to the Royal Ascot Scoop6 on Wednesday and so on throughout the week.

Scoop6 races will be chosen the day before each pool and communicated in the usual way.

Any winner of the Scoop6 win fund will have an opportunity to play for the bonus fund on the day of the next Scoop6. 

totescoop6 races – 08/06/2019 

Leg 1: 2:10 Newmarket

Leg 2: 2:45 Newmarket

Leg 3: 3:00 Haydock

Leg 4: 3:35 Haydock

Leg 5:3:55 Newmarket

Leg 6: 4:10 Haydock

totetrifecta rollover race – 08/06/2019 

3:35 Haydock

totejackpot – 08/06/2019

Leg 1: 1:45 Haydock

Leg 2: 2:25 Haydock

Leg 3: 3:00 Haydock

Leg 4: 3:35 Haydock

Leg 5:4:10 Haydock

Leg 6: 4:45 Haydock

totejackpot – 09/06/2019

Leg 1: 2:00 Goodwood

Leg 2: 2:30 Goodwood

Leg 3: 3:05 Goodwood

Leg 4: 3:40 Goodwood

Leg 5:4:10 Goodwood

Leg 6: 4:45 Goodwood 

£500,000 Derby Day Scoop6 on Super Sporting Saturday

One of the best sporting Saturday’s of the year is accompanied by a huge £500,000 Scoop6 centred around Britain’s richest race, the Investec Derby.

All six races making up the popular pool bet hail from Epsom this weekend with the Derby coming up as leg four.

The win fund is worth £133,797 ahead of the pools opening on Saturday and is estimated to hit £200k by the time the runners leave the gates for the first race at Epsom at 2.00pm.

Meanwhile the bonus fund is already worth £256,675 and looks set to hit £300,000 to make the combined funds up to £1/2million.

There is also an extra bonus of £100,000 available courtesy of Betfred boss Fred Done for a single Scoop6 winner from one of the following qualifying channels – Betfred shops, or Betfred mobile.

Totepool spokesman Matt Hulmes said: “It’s an incredible weekend of sport and punters could be enjoying an all English Champions League final and World Heavyweight Boxing action some £200,000 richer courtesy of the Scoop6, plus a shot at an extra £300k next weekend. With all six legs at Epsom, it could prove very popular with punters looking to have an interest with the World’s Greatest Race.”

The totejackpot on Saturday takes in the first six races at Epsom Downs getting underway at 2:00pm while the totetrifecta rollover race is Britain’s richest contest, the Investec Derby Stakes, due off at 4.30pm.

Sunday’s totejackpot is the first six races at Nottingham, with the opening contest due off at 2.10pm.

totescoop6 races – 01/06/2019

Leg 1: 2:00 Epsom

Leg 2: 2:35 Epsom

Leg 3: 3:45 Epsom

Leg 4: 4:30 Epsom

Leg 5: 5:15 Epsom

Leg 6: 5:50 Epsom

totetrifecta rollover race – 01/06/2019

4:30 Epsom  

totejackpot – 01/06/2019

Leg 1: 2:00 Epsom

Leg 2: 2:35 Epsom

Leg 3: 3:10 Epsom

Leg 4: 3:45 Epsom

Leg 5: 4:30 Epsom

Leg 6: 5:15 Epsom

totejackpot – 02/06/2019

Leg 1: 2:10 Nottingham

Leg 2: 2:45 Nottingham

Leg 3: 3:20 Nottingham

Leg 4: 3:55 Nottingham

Leg 5: 4:30 Nottingham

Leg 6: 5:05 Nottingham


Cheshire housewife batters the bookies with 4.52 bet with a winner disqualified

A single mum used nice names to win £246,238 from a £4.52 bet at glorious Goodwood…despite one of her selections being disqualified after crossing the winning line in front.

Bookmakers William Hill had a first past the post policy and paid out on Dark Red at 12-1, but the five-year-old grey gelding was placed second to the Queen’s horse Fabricate at 20-1 after a steward’s enquiry in the opening race of the prestigious Goodwood meeting.

And amazingly three of the mum-of-two’s other picks won. They were Thechildren’strust at 100-1, Breton Rock at 50-1 and El Astronaute at 33-1.

Her final selection Darkroom Angel led to just over a furlong out and would have landed her £1 million the bookmaker’s maximum payout, but the three-year-old filly ran out of puff and finished in 10th. Her bet included a 1p EW five-timer and if the fifth horse had won the accumulated odds would have paid her more than £3 million, but that would have been capped by the maximum payout rule.

The Cheshire housewife, who is in her 30s, plans to use her winnings to buy a new house for her and the children as the win came as she was searching for a new rental home in Ellesmere Port, Wirral.

William Hill’s first past the post policy meant her 5p ew four-timer came in, along with extra doubles and trebles and the policy landed the lady £201,330 that would have been lost with the disqualification at many other bookmakers.

The woman also took 80-1 on Thechildren’stust, but William Hill had a best odds guaranteed policy and with the odds drifting to 100-1 that meant the lucky lady landed a whopping £47,869 extra.

Her bet in full was 10 x 10p each way doubles, 10 x 10p each way trebles, 5 x 5p each way four folds and a 1p EW fivefold for a total stake of £4.52.

Her selections were:

1.50 Goodwood Dark Red price taken 12-1 (first past the post then placing reversed, but William Hill paid as winner)
3.00 Goodwood Breton Rock price taken 50-1 WON
4.10 Goodwood Thechildren'strust 100-1* WON (80-1 when she placed the bet, but best odds guaranteed)
4.45 Goodwood El Astronaute price taken 33-1 WON
5.15 Goodwood Darkroom Angel price taken 16-1 10th

Winnings £246,238.73

William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams said: "Some of our racing traders have been in the game for 40 years and none of them can remember such an astonishing bet that so nearly cost us a million.

‘A few were almost having heart attacks watching the final race, but the punter inside all of us was cheering on the lady’s last selection and it was in front for a long way.

‘But I am not sure if the boss would approve of that. It was every punter’s bet of a lifetime – winning a fortune for less than a fiver.

‘A few quid outlay and the lady has a new house – talk about finding your dream home.’

Expert Eye, in the Vintage Stakes, was the only winning favourite on the card on day one of the five day meeting, with hot favourite Big Orange being turned over by 6-1 shot Stradivarius, and the final race falling to 15-2 chance Shenanigans.

Britain’s most successful female gambler ever also came from leafy Cheshire. Agnes Haddock was in her 40s when she landed £688,000 with a £2 bet on the popular ITV Saturday bet the Tote Scoop6.

Agnes, of Northwich, who set up an online syndicate to help others win and has landed further fortunes with her club in recent years, said: ‘It’s brilliant when girl punting power produces the goods. Well done to this woman – let’s hope lots of other ladies win big at Glorious Goodwood.

‘My six picks on that tremendous day 10 years ago were all based on nice names – it’s great when girls are on top. We all love battering the bookies.’


Please be aware that from Friday 13th January the tote are introducing a new rule to the Scoop6 pool.
In the event of one or more Scoop6 races being abandoned or voided, WHETHER BEFORE OR AFTER THE FIRST LEG HAS BEGUN, any money brought forward to the totescoop6 win fund will not form any part of the fund, and the funds will solely be comprised of money invested on that day’s totescoop6 pool.

Bonus race update for members

THE BONUS race is most likely to be at Warwick....the plans for the day will become apparent over the next couple of days.

The Betfred Classic Chase currently has 32-runners declared, but that number should half come raceday. We want the weather to hold and the freeze to hold off...oh and we want to pick the winner.

Presently, all members in last weekend's syndicate have the funds in their club account, but we are leaving any withdrawal requests as pending until we know the bonus outcome.

Anyhow, as explained in the last all-rounder email we don't yet have the winnings across in our account, so leaving the payments as pending is simplest.

We will be studying the form for the £766,818 bonus race, but the present returns members have are guaranteed, so if we miss the bonus we will make the payouts probably by Monday morning.

But if we get the bonus race winner, all those withdrawal requests will be rejected and we will ask members to reapply for the larger sum.

If with a little luck we get the bonus those current returns will be added to if we get it right on our own to the tune of £4,078.82 per membership, but if going in with the other winner each membership will be worth a further £2,039.41 as we would split the £766,818 bonus.

The above figures relate to the £20 one-weeker syndicate and the Series 28 players are on approximately a quarter of those figures, but the payout will happen with them as everat the end of the series in a week or so.

We once again thank members for their warm words and the congratulations and will be doing our best on behalf of the club this weekend.

Remember at the end of the day this is a free go at £766,818, so a proper bonus. Just sit back and enjoy the ride....a bit like Jamie Moore did on Mountainous inthe Welsh Grand National, but without being so mud splattered!  


AP bows out on Box Office as Betfred boss pays tribute to 20-time champion

There wasn't a dry eye in the house as AP McCoy bowed out on a sparkling career as 20 times champion jockey at Sandown.
The Scoop6 rolled and Scoop6 Super Club pick Borther Tedd, under his long term rival Richard Johnson, finished in front in the final leg - AP's last race.  
Betfred boss Fred Done has paid tribute to AP McCoy after the 20-time champion jockey bade farewell to race-riding at Sandown this afternoon.
The 41-year-old was unable to get on the scoresheet at the Esher track and ended his career with a staggering 4,348 winners.
Betfred boss Fred Done said: “It’s been a privilege to watch AP ride for the last 23 years.  He’s a legend and I count myself incredibly lucky to call him a friend.  I would have loved to see him go out with a winner, but he’s had one hell of a career and I wish him all the best for the future.”
Scoop6 Super Club salute the champion jockey - who has ridden some fabulous winners in our bets down the years - so now we will have to nail our next winning Scoop6 ticket on a future champion.

Many Clouds Shuts The Door on Scoop6 Bonus Hunter

Many Clouds produced a stunning performance in the Grand National to dash the hopes of the single Scoop6 winning ticket holder who chose Shutthefrontdoor to provide both themselves and AP McCoy with a fairytale victory.


Steered home by Leighton Aspell, this year’s Hennessy winner also ensured the win fund was not won and rolls over to next weekend.


Totepool spokesman Mark Pearson said: “Not only did Many Clouds thwart punters up and down the country he also scuppered the chances of the bonus hunter taking his winnings to over a million pounds. There will be three quarters of a million in the combined funds next weekend.”


Saturday   11th   April   2015





Saturday’s turnover £153,090


Win                             Not Won          rollover          £155,100


Place                          £ 227.00               118  winners  


Bonus                         Not Won         rollover          £401,649


Win Fund units left after leg 1        22,528


Win Fund units left after leg 2        2,353


Win Fund units left after leg 3        465


Win Fund units left after leg 4        72


Win Fund units left after leg 5        8


Scoop6 could produce a millionaire

One totescoop6 player has a shot at becoming a millionaire in tomorrow’s bonus race – the Crabbie’s Grand National – at Aintree.


The anonymous punter bagged the whopping £762,120 win fund at Hayock last Saturday and could pocket another £382,513 if they correctly pick the winner of the 39-runner minefield that is the National.


Shutthefrontdoor is currently the 7/1 favourite with Betfred for the bonus race but is expected to go off much shorter considering he will be ridden by AP McCoy.


totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said:  “It would be terrific if we could create anotherScoop6 millionaire in the Grand National.  Shutthefrontdoor is sure to go off favourite so it would be no surprise if our bonus hunter banks on McCoy to make them a millionaire.”   


The Grand National card features heavily in tomorrow’s Scoop6 which kicks off with a £101,519 starting fund.  Five of the six legs come from Liverpool, with the remaining leg taking place at Lingfield.


The final leg will be the Grand National itself, a race in which totewin punters were in clover last year when 39 of the 40 runners returned a dividend higher than SP.


Last year’s winner Pineau de Re returned at 25/1, but totewin punters were rewarded with a dividend of £32.80.


Griffiths added: “The tote always offers incredible value on the Grand National.  Almost every runner beat SP last year, so we advise anyone having a flutter to check the totewin prices before placing a bet with the bookies.”   


Aintree inevitably hosts tomorrow’s totejackpot, while the World Famous JUST EAT Mersey Novices’ Hurdle (1:30 Aintree) will be the totetrifecta rollover race.


totescoop6 races – 11/04/2015


Leg 1: 1:30 Aintree

Leg 2: 2:05 Aintree

Leg 3: 2:50 Aintree

Leg 4: 3:00 Lingfield

Leg 5: 3:25 Aintree

Leg 6: 4:15 Aintree


totescoop6 rollovers – 11/04/2015


Win: £101,519

Bonus: £382,513


totejackpot – 11/04/2015




totetrifecta rollover race – 11/04/2015


1:30 Aintree


totejackpot – 12/04/2015


Ffos Las


A single ticket lands £762,121 Scoop6

Well done to the Scoop6 player who beat Scoop6 Super Club to the £762,121 win fund today - we scored five out of six winners for the second time in as many months.

While this weekend's winner will be faced with the Grand National as a bonus race with £382,513 in the pool if their free selection wins the big Aintree race.

The odds are their ticket will be on AP McCoy's mount Shutthefrontfoor - last year's Irish Grand National winner - which is set to go off the shortest priced favourite in the modern era.

The Football Colossus Club will be attacking a new £92k PICK4 starting on Monday and expected to hit the £270,000 mark, so we will be hoping to recoup losses from that.

Our One Week Scoop6 syndicate members have now been paid out, so funds will be in people's accounts and will be paid out over the Bank Holiday weekend, or can be used towards shares in our new soccer syndicate.

One punter cracks huge Easter Scoop6

One totescoop6 ticket holder was celebrating this evening after landing a total of £762,120 when Central Flame ran away with the final leg at Haydock.
Despite a 33/1 winner of the opening leg, seven tickets remained going in to the final leg including four on the favourite Hello George, but only one was on James Walton's charge who powered away to win by 11 lengths.
This means the lucky winner could take their haul beyond £1m if they can pick the winner of next weekend's bonus race which is likely to be the Crabbie's Grand National at Aintree.
Totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: "Considering there was a 33/1 winner of the first leg, our winner pulled a rabbit out of that hat to crack the huge Easter Scoop6.  We're delighted for them and hope they can take their winnings beyond £1m next weekend."
A total of £492,466 was bet into this afternoon's pools and there were 797 winners of the place fund which paid £108.10.

totescoop6 dividends – 04/04/2015


Win: £762,120 – One winner

Place: £108.10 – 797 winners


totescoop6 rollovers – 04/04/2015


Bonus: £382,513


totescoop6 leg breakdown – 04/04/2015

After leg 1: 1,393
After leg 2: 215
After leg 3: 147
After leg 4: 74
After leg 5: 7
After leg 6: 1

Shutthefrontdoor 8/1 to go off shortest National favourite of modern era

Betfred, official betting partner of the Crabbie’s Grand National, quote Shutthefrontdoor at 8/1 to be sent off the shortest priced favourite of the modern era.


The eight-year-old, who heads the Grand National market at 7/1, will need to go off at 10/3 or less in order to eclipse Aintree legend Red Rum who started at 7/2 in 1975.


AP McCoy still has to choose who he will ride in the world’s most famous steeplechase andBetfred make him 1/20 to pick Shutthefrontdoor over Cause Of Causes at 8/1.


Don’t Push It provided the 19 time champion jockey with a five length Grand National success in 2010 and Betfred also quote 14/1 that Shutthefrontdoor wins next Saturday’s race by further.


Betfred spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: “Shutthefrontdoor has been backed off the boards for over a month and the gamble shows no signs of slowing.


“The McCoy factor is driving the odds down all the time so it would be folly to rule out a starting price of less than 7/2.”   


Crabbie’s Grand National – Betfred bet: 7 Shutthefrontdoor;


9 Rocky Creek;


10 Balthazar King;


12 The Druids Nephew;


20 Alvarado, Cause Of Causes, Godsmejudge, Soll, Spring Heeled, Unionsite;


25 Al Co, Gallant Oscar, Goonyella, Many Clouds, Pineau de Re, Rebel Rebellion, Royale Knight;


33 Ballycasey, Dolatulo, First Lieutenant, Lord Windermere, Monbeg Dude, Night In Milan, Saint Are, Sam Winner, The Package;


40 Across The Bay, Benvolio, Chance du Roy, Corrin Wood, Court By Surprise, Hadrian’s Approach, Home Farm, Wyck Hill;


50 Any Currency, Broadway Buffalo, Carlito Brigante, Duke Of Lucca, Mon Parrain, Mountainous, Oscar Time, Raz de Maree, Renard, Super Duty, Vintage Star;


66 Alpha Victor, Baileys Concerto, Bob Ford, Gas Line Boy, Guess Again, Harry The Viking, Owega Star, Portrait King, Rigadin de Beauchene, Rubi Light, Standing Ovation, Sydney Paget, The Rainbow Hunter, Tranquil Sea;


100 Ballyoliver, Ely Brown, Glenquest, Ikorodu Road, Lackamon, Maggio, Mart Lane, Neptune Equester, River Choice, Rose Of The Moon, Tales Of Milan;

200 American Spin.


¼ 1-2-3-4. NRNB


Shutthefrontdoor finishing position – Betfred bet: 7 First, 8 Second, 10 Third, Fourth, 4/9 Unplaced.




Shutthefrontdoor SP – Betfred bet: 6/5 – 5/1 to 6/1 inclusive; 5/2 – 7/2 to 9/2 inclusive; 11/4 – 13/2 or longer; 8 – 10/3 or shorter.




Who will AP McCoy ride – Betfred bet: 1/20 Shutthefrontdoor, 8 Cause Of Causes.




Cause Of Causes v Shutthefrontdoor – Betfred bet: 1/4 Shutthefrontdoor, 11/4 Cause Of Causes.




Shutthefrontdoor to win by further than Don’t Push It (5 lengths) – Betfred bet: 14 Yes.




Flat Start to the Season for Scoop6 Punters, but Easter bonanza looms

It was a flat start to the season for Scoop6 punters as the bet rolled after Leg 5, but Scoop6 Super Club landed the last two winners and managed four place lines on a very tough day.


There was just one ticket remaining and Royal Bajan winning the 3.30 from Chelmsford rolled the Scoop6, despite the 8-1 shot featuring prominently in our perm and we then banged in Gabriel in the Lincoln for a decent close of play.


The Squirrel is now looking forward to next weekend - he's no plans to mate with the the Easter Bunny, but is keen to get his furry paws on the Scoop6 pot.


Totepool spokesman Mark Pearson said: “The Scoop6 will be well over the million pound mark for Easter weekend.”


The combined funds currently stand at £910,712 with £589,757 in the win fund and £320,955 in the bonus.


Meanwhile there were problems with the acceptance of Totepool bets in all betting shops and online on Saturday morning.


Pearson added: “We have launched a full investigation into the problems faced by customers attempting to place totepool bets including the Scoop6 on Saturday morning. First and foremost we apologise to all customers and we thank them for their patience. We are working hard to make sure this does not happen again.”


Saturday’s Scoop6

Turnover £279,058

51 winners of the place fund which paid £957.50

Leg 1 – 14,385

Leg 2 – 222

Leg 3 – 31

Leg 4 – 1

Leg 5 – 0

Leg 6 - 0


11 bonus hunters miss out as Milborough lands Betfred Eider

The 11 punters chasing this afternoon’s £128,715 totescoop6 bonus fund were out of luck after Milborough won the Betfred Eider at odds of 18/1.


The bonus hunters covered six of the 18-strong field with four tickets on the well backed favourite Shotgun Paddy, who crashed out 10 fences from home.


This means £151,077 rolls over in that particular fund, while the win pool has grown to £114,098 after Rocky Creek eliminated the last three tickets in the final leg at Kempton. The Scoop6 Super Club managed four place lines for a return of more than £1,400.


Totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: “It was going to take a surprise in the Eider to trigger a rollover and that’s exactly what Milborough delivered.  With the win fund also going down, next weekend’s bet could be worth £400,000.”


A total of £178,892 was invested into today’s pools and there were 87 winners of the £359.80 place fund.


totescoop6 dividends – 21/02/2015


Win: Not won

Bonus: Not won

Place: £359.80 – 87 winners


totescoop6 rollovers – 21/02/2015


Win: £114,098

Bonus: £151,077


totescoop6 leg breakdown – 21/02/2015


After Leg 1 – 1:45 Lingfield: Rivellino – 7,732

After Leg 2 – 2:00 Kempton: Beltor – 2,627

After Leg 3 – 2:15 Lingfield: Baddilini – 57

After Leg 4 – 2:55 Newcastle: Milborough – 4

After Leg 5 – 3:25 Lingfield: Grendisar – 3

After Leg 6 – 3:45 Kempton: Rocky Creek – 0


11 Scoop6 winners bid for £128k bonus

The 11 winners of last weekend’s totescoop6 could add a further £128,715 to their haul if they can unearth the winner of the bonus race – the Betfred Eider – at Newcastle tomorrow afternoon.

Each of the 11 lucky ticket holders pocketed £38,046 on last weekend’s bet, but four of them picked up an extra £25,000 after placing their bet through a Betfred channel.

Among the winners are six £2 players, of which five are betting shop punters including one Betfred customer.

Totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: “We love seeing £2 punters winning the Scoop6 so to have six of them going for a big bonus is really exciting.

“The Betfred Eider is extremely competitive, but with 11 tickets in the mix it would be a surprise if at least one of them doesn’t pick the winner.”

Tomorrow’s Scoop6 win pool includes a £51,486 starting fund and is expected to reach £125,000 ahead of the opening leg.  The six races are divided between Kempton, Lingfield and Newcastle.  Five legs will be shown live on Channel 4.

Betfred boss Fred Done is also dangling an extra £100,000 carrot to any Betfred customer that wins Saturday’s Scoop6.  The prize will be shared if there are multiple winners. 

Saturday’s totejackpot is at Newcastle, which also hosts the totetrifecta rollover race – the Betfred Eider (2:55 Newcastle).

totescoop6 races – 21/02/2015

Leg 1: 1:45 Lingfield

Leg 2: 2:00 Kempton

Leg 3: 2:15 Lingfield

Leg 4: 2:55 Newcastle – bonus race

Leg 5: 3:25 Lingfield

Leg 6: 3:45 Kempton

totescoop6 rollovers – 21/02/2015

Win: £51,486

Bonus: £128,715

totejackpot – 21/02/2015


totetrifecta rollover race – 21/02/2015

2:55 Newcastle

totejackpot – 22/02/2015


Colossus PICK4 almost hits £1 million and club going strong

A MASSIVE influx of funds on the Colossus PICK4 saw the predicted record-breaking pool smash through the £750,000 mark and soar towards £1 million - stopping eventually less than £87,000 short at £913,192.

And the Squirrel has put the Football Colossus Club in a tasty position after Barca's thrilling 3-2 win over Villareal and already we've been offered cash-in figures of more than double our stake.

An enormous 461,118 tickets went into the pool at the start and after that 3-2  only 17,086 are through to the Tuesday FA CUP games - it's a knockout competition and we hope to be going strong for the final leg on Wednesday - the Bolton V Liverpool game on TV.

The Football Colossus Club has very good cover from here on at this point, and even has a 1-2 Cambridge win on one of our slips. That outcome carries a fraction over 14 tickets and 3.5 of those are ours , so that could be a bonanza result.

Though we do have 11 other scorelines to cheer on and a goal for underdogs Cambridge would knock many thousands of tickets out.

Football Colossus Club has hopefully backed a winner with this record-breaking PICK4.  

Record Totepool Greyhound Jackpot to take place at Hall Green, Tuesday 27th January

AFTER SIX rollovers of the Totepool Greyhound Sky Sports Jackpot the pot now stands at a record breaking £141,003.


Punters up and down the country will be clambering to take part in the bet when the Sky Sports cameras visit Hall Green for their Prestige meeting tomorrow evening. And the Scoop6 Super Club will be playing for the pool with our Jackpot syndicate 003, so get on before 7.30pm tomorrow (Tuesday).


The bet’s organisers Totepool predict the pool could hit an astronomical £500,000 tomorrow giving Greyhound fans a chance to play for a potential life changing payout.


The bet will consist of races 3 to 8 broadcast live on Sky Sports with the first race of the Jackpot scheduled to start at 7.43pm and finish with the Prestige final itself at 9.08pm.


To get on punters will be able to place their bets in all UK bookmakers with a Tote Direct facility, or alternatively on a bookmaker website with Totepool betting available.


Totepool Operations Director Brent Dolan said: “We expect the pool to bulge to a massive £500,000 tomorrow with there being a real possibility of a 6 figure payout to winning customers. In regards to Totepool betting on Greyhound Racing we expect tomorrow to be record breaking in every sense.”


Totepool Greyhounds Jackpot races – 27/01/2015


Leg 1: 7.43 Hall Green

Leg 2: 7.59 Hall Green

Leg 3: 8.16 Hall Green

Leg 4: 8.33 Hall Green

Leg 5: 8.51 Hall Green

Leg 6: 9.08 Hall Green


Jackpot rollover: £141,003



Scoop6 rolls, but bonus is landed as Super Club collects four place lines

THE Scoop6 bonus went when If In Doubt under AP McCoy won the Skybet Chase, but the win fund had rolled before the race as no tickets were on the 16-1 winner at Cheltenham.

Alan King's Ordo Ab Chao was the only horse in the 3pm race to not have a ticket on it in the win fund after Anacotty had landed leg four with 401 ticketholders cheering and the bay gelding battled up the hill to repel hot 11-10 favourite Value At Risk, which had 219 tickets on and victory for Dan Skelton's six-year-old would certainly have seen the Scoop6 landed.

The Scoop6 sper Club managed four place lines with the first and second in the last leg and the second leg, so returns of £477.20 for club members.

We are going to the dogs on Tuesday as our Jackpot Syndicate 003 aims to land a share of the British record-breaking greyhound jackpot at Hall Green that is expected to top the £500,000 mark with all the races live on Sky TV. Get on board before Tuesday evening - payouts on the Scoop6 will be made over the weekend. 

Mystery punter hunting Scoop6 bonus

One mystery punter could take their total totescoop6 winnings to just under £600,000 on Saturday afternoon.


The anonymous ticket-holder netted a whopping £448,236 last Saturday after being the only player to pick all six winners and will add another £145,271 to their haul if able to nominate the winner of tomorrow’s bonus race – the SkyBet Chase – at Doncaster.   


totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: “We wish the mystery player the very best of luck as they look to take their total Scoop6 haul up to nearly £600,000.”


This weekend’s win fund kicks off with a £58,108 starting fund and is expected to hit £125,000 by the time the pools close.


The six legs are divided between Cheltenham and Doncaster, with the first leg going off at 1:15pm. 


Saturday’s totejackpot is at Doncaster and the totetrifecta rollover race will be the SkyBet Chase (3:15 Doncaster).


totescoop6 races – 24/01/2015


Leg 1: 1:15 Cheltenham

Leg 2: 1:30 Doncaster

Leg 3: 2:25 Cheltenham

Leg 4: 3:00 Cheltenham

Leg 5: 3:15 Doncaster – bonus race

Leg 6: 4:10 Cheltenham


totescoop6 rollovers – 24/01/2015


Win: £58,108

Bonus: £145,271


totejackpot – 24/01/2015




totetrifecta rollover race – 24/01/2015


3:15 Doncaster


totejackpot – 25/01/2015




Rebel Rebellion secures Scoop6 for one winner

A win for Rebel Rebellion in the bet365 Handicap Chase at Ascot landed this afternoon’s totescoop6 for one lucky ticket-holder.


A total of twelve tickets were still in the mix going into the last leg before Jack Sherwood booted home the 12/1 shot to secure a £448,236 windfall for the winner.


Early indications are the successful punter placed their bet on the internet via and will play for the £145,271 bonus prize next Saturday.


totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: “It’s another huge win on the Scoop6 and we’re delighted for the successful ticket-holder who will be popping the champagne tonight.”


A whopping £516,586 was invested into today’s pools and there were 749 winners of the place fund, which returned £120.60.


totescoop6 dividends – 17/01/2015


Win: £448,236 – one winner

Place: £120.60 – 749 winners


totescoop6 rollovers – 17/01/2015


Bonus: £145,271


totescoop6 leg breakdown – 17/01/2015


After Leg 1 – 1:50 Ascot: Bitofapuzzle – 77,647

After Leg 2 – 2:00 Lingfield: History Book – 19,446

After Leg 3 – 2:25 Ascot: Baradari – 2,814

After Leg 4 – 2:35 Lingfield: Lunar Deity – 410

After Leg 5 – 3:15 Haydock: Samstown – 12

After Leg 6 – 3:35 Ascot: Rebel Rebellion – 1


Back of the net for Football Colossus Club in record-breaking £561,031 PICK4

OUR Football Colossus Club scored in the record breaking £561,031 PICK4 with Swindon's 3-0 triumph at the Ricoh Arena landing members a return of £22,038.48.

A return of more than 110,000-1 for our 20p winning line was a great result and just 2.545 tickets got the four scores correct. This takes the Football Colossus Club returns since the start of the Premiership season to the £60,000 mark and the Squirrel is getting into the swing with his soccer bets.

The Football Colossus Club started on the path to profit on Sunday's bet with Arsenal's 3-0 win over Stoke when our crafty club perm compiler the Squirrel covered all 17 outcomes.

The next game was the Southampton 1-0 victory at Old Trafford and the furry fellow once agan had all 17 outcomes covered in our perms on the match.

On Sunday night the La Liga clash between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid saw a 3-1 triumph and once again we had the full 17 outcomes covered.

That meant on Tuesday night the bushy-tailed bounder's perm had all 17 outcomes covered once again and 3-0 to Swindon was one of the top five dividends for the club.

Members have now been paid out and the Football Colossus Club will this weekend be aiming for the £83,972 rollover PICK4 with games starting at 4pm on Sunday with the Manchester City V Arsenal game, then on Monday night the Everton V WBA match, on Tuesday Liverpool V Chelsea and on Wednesday the finale will be the Spurs V Sheffield United cup game. We reckon the pool on this rollover could hit £250,000, so well worth landing.

Before then the Scoop6 Super Club will be aiming to take down the anticipated £500,000 Scoop6 on Saturday. The more winning members the better for all of us, so get on board.

Return Spring heads Betfred Classic Chase betting

Return Spring heads the sponsor’s betting for Saturday’s Betfred Classic Chase at 6/1 in their opening show on the marathon handicap at Warwick.

Benbane Head is next at 8/1, alongside last year’s winner Shotgun Paddy.  West End Rocker and Rigadin de Beauchene, who landed the spoils in 2011 and 2013 respectively, can be backed at 10/1.

Betfred spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: “Return Spring has a lovely profile as an unexposed novice and we just favour him in what looks a cracking renewal of the Betfred Classic Chase.”   

Betfred Classic Chase – sponsors bet: 6 Return Spring, 8 Benbane Head, Shotgun Paddy, 10 Adrenalin Flight, Carruthers, Rigadin de Beauchene, Theatrical Star, West End Rocker, 12 Ballyoliver, Global Power, Hawkes Point, Sixty Something, 14 Incentivise, Tales Of Milan, 16 Cadeau George, 20 Peckhamecho, 25 Dark Glacier, Mart Lane.

¼ 1-2-3


Emperor rules for Scoop6 bonus hunter

An anonymous £4 Betfair punter landed the totescoop6 bonus fund this afternoon after Emperor’s Choice got the better of a head-bobbing finish to the Coral Welsh Grand National at Chepstow.

The three winners of last weekend’s win fund all went for different horses in the bonus race with the other two plumping for Amigo and Woodford County.

This means the mystery punter adds an extra £204,240 to the £103,316 they collected last Saturday, taking their total haul to a whopping £307,556 for just a £4 stake.

Totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: “Emperor’s Choice delivered a huge win for our £4 punter who can certainly afford plenty of new clothes in time for the New Year celebrations.”

A surprise win for Quincy Des Pictons ensured there were no winners of this afternoon’s totescoop6 win fund.  The one ticket that made it to the final leg was on eventual runner up Renard, which means there is a rollover of £93,894 to next weekend.

A total of £149,770 was bet into the pools and there were 44 winners of the bumper £595.60 place dividend.

Totescoop6 dividends – 27/12/2014

Win: Not won

Bonus: £204,240 – 1 winner

Place: £595.60 – 44 winners

Totescoop6 rollovers – 27/12/2014

Win: £93,894

Bonus: £18,721

Totescoop6 leg breakdown – 27/12/2014

After Leg 1 – 1:25 Chepstow: Awaywiththegreys – 3,198

After Leg 2 – 1:55 Chepstow: Bristol de Mai – 392

After Leg 3 – 2:15 Kempton: Ballinvarrig – 96

After Leg 4 – 2:35 Chepstow: Emperor’s Choice – 7

After Leg 5 – 2:50 Kempton: Land Of Vic – 1

After Leg 6 – 3:10 Chepstow: Quincy Des Pictons – 0

Three Tickets Chase Bonus of Over Two Hundred Thousand Pounds

Last week’s three winners of the Scoop6 have the Welsh Grand National to solve in an attempt to land the bonus.

Three tickets won £103,316 last Saturday and they are playing for a bonus of £204,240.

Totepool spokesman Mark Pearson said: “We would like to wish all three bonus hunters the very best of luck and let’s hope we are writing a big cheque this Festive period.”

Meanwhile for this week’s win fund there are four races from Chepstow and two from Kempton and all feature on Channel 4.

Betfred boss Fred Done is also dangling an extra £100,000 carrot to any Betfred or customer that finds all six winners.  The prize will be shared if there are multiple winners. 

Scoop 6 Races Saturday 27th December

Chepstow 1-25

Chepstow 1-55

Kempton 2-15

Chepstow 2-35

Kempton 2-50

Chepstow 3-10

Jackpot Saturday – Chepstow

Trifecta race Chepstow 2-35





Christmas comes early for three Scoop6 punters

A trio of ticket holders shared Saturday’s totescoop6 after selecting Pricewise pick Bayan to win the final leg at Ascot.

Each of the three collected £103,316 and they will now have the chance to pocket an extra £204,240 in the bonus race next weekend.

Early indications suggest the three winners are all small staking internet clients, one of whom invested just £4 via Betfair.

totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: “What a Christmas it’s going to be for the three winners with £100,000 in the bank.  We’re absolutely delighted for them and we hope that they enjoy their win.”

A total of £292,702 was bet into this afternoon’s pools and there were 4,324 winners of the place fund, which returned £11.80.

totescoop6 dividends - 20/12/2014

Win: £103,316 – 3 winners

Place: £11.80 – 4,324 winners

totescoop6 rollovers – 20/12/2014

Bonus: £204,240

totescoop6 leg breakdown – 20/12/2014

After Leg 1 – 12:45 Ascot: Flintham – 10,567

After Leg 2 – 2:00 Lingfield: Anglophile – 3,347

After Leg 3 – 2:05 Haydock: Broadway Buffalo – 714

After Leg 4 – 2:40 Haydock: Kilcooley – 135

After Leg 5 – 3:00 Ascot: The Young Master – 33

After Leg 6 – 3:30 Ascot: Bayan – 3

Magistrate from Ramsbottom is Top Scoop6 Judge

David Lawrence, a £16 Betfred shop punter from Ramsbottom, Bury, has spent the week celebrating after solving the biggest case of his betting career when winning £158,139.30 on the Scoop6 last Saturday.


David, a retired magistrate, was the only customer to pick all six winners last week after the David Pipe-trained Monetaire bagged the final leg at Newbury.


The 58-year-old has the chance to add the £100,552 Bonus Fund to his winnings this Saturday if he can pick the winner of the Betfred Becher Chase at Aintree.


He said: “I’ve been playing the Scoop6 for years and it still hasn’t quite settled in that I’ve managed to win it. I was quite surprised I was the only winner on the day and, other than the money, it’s a great feeling knowing I was the top tipster in the country last Saturday.”


“I’ve won the Place Fund a few times which people forget often pays well and had the first 5 winners about 15 years ago before missing out on the last leg in a photo.”


“I read the Racing Post Weekender and closely follow the form, Many Clouds was a big fancy of mine last week and I’ll be using all the form evidence I can find ahead of the bonus race.”


“Fred Done has personally invited me and my wife to Aintree on Saturday and I’ll be there to run my eye over proceedings for the big race.”


Totepool spokesman Adam Smith said: “We are delighted another small staking customer has won a life changing amount on the Scoop6 and wish David the best of luck in scooping the bonus in the highly competitive Betfred Becher Chase.”


Saturday’s Totescoop6 legs come from Aintree and Sandown, the Totejackpot is at Aintree and the Totetrifecta rollover race is the 3.15 at Aintree.


totescoop6 races 6/12/2014


Leg 1: 1.20 Sandown

Leg 2: 1.30 Aintree

Leg 3: 2.05 Aintree

Leg 4: 2.25 Sandown

Leg 5: 3.00 Sandown

Leg 6:  3.05 Aintree


totesscoop6 rollovers 6/12/2014


Win: £19,623

Bonus to be played for: £100,552



Magistrate's Bonus Bid gets locked on the rails

OSCAR Time's victory in the Betfred Becher Chase meant that David Lawrence, the Scoop Six bonus hunter, was out of luck as he tried to land an extra £100,000 to add to the £158,000 he won last week.

The retired Magistrate's Clerk from Ramsbottom had put his faith in last year's winner Chance Du Roy who ran a gallant race to finish fifth, but got locked in on the rails heading to the Elbow.

"I picked a horse to round and that happened but on the day Chance Du Roy found a few others too good." said David after the race. "I've had a fantastic day at Aintree and would like to thank Fred and his team. What am I going to do with the money? Well I plan to save some, do a few home improvements and then have a fantastic Christmas."

The result of the Becher also left a huge dent in this week's bet leaving just 1343 tickets remaining after two legs. Things started to look up for punters in the next two legs as favourites Dawalan and Snake Eyes went in but by the time Dodging Bullets had landed the Tingle Creek only five hopefuls remained ahead of the Grand Sefton.

None of the quintet had selected the winner meaning the bet rolls onto next week. While the win pot went begging 26 tickets shared the place fund netting £1,171 each.

Tickets remaining:

After leg one: 61477
After leg two: 1343
After leg three: 397
After leg four: 62
After leg five: 5
After leg six: 0

Single Scoop6 punter in the Monetaire

Victory for Monetaire at Newbury ensured one lucky punter landed a whopping £157,964 payday as the only winner of this weekend’s totescoop6.


A total of seven tickets were left going into the final leg, with the remaining six all on the eventual runner-up Solar Impulse.


Early indications are the winner is a Betfred shop customer who staked only £16.  They will play for a further £100,552 in the bonus race next Saturday.


Totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: “Christmas has certainly come early for our one lucky winner.  It’s some achievement to win more than £150,000 for just £16 and we’d love to see them land the bonus as well.”


A total of £213,999 was invested into this afternoon’s pools and there were 427 winners of the £87.50 place dividend.


totescoop6 dividends – 29/11/2014


Win: £157,964 – one winner

Place: £87.50 – 427 winners


totescoop6 rollovers – 29/11/2014


Bonus: £100,552


totescoop6 leg breakdown – 29/11/2014


After Leg 1 – 1:20 Newbury: Bertie Boru – 22,271

After Leg 2 – 1:50 Newbury: Silsol – 2,216

After Leg 3 – 2:05 Newcastle: Irving – 982

After Leg 4 – 2:40 Newcastle: Hey Big Spender – 89

After Leg 5 – 3:00 Newbury: Many Clouds – 7

After Leg 6 – 3:35 Newbury: Monetaire – 1

Estimated £250,000 Scoop6 on Saturday

This weekend’s totescoop6 is estimated to be worth £250,000 after the win and bonus funds rolled over last Saturday.

The win fund should hit £150,000, with a further £100,000 expected in the bonus fund.

The six legs of tomorrow’s bet are divided between Newbury and Newcastle, with all bar one race shown live on Channel 4.

Totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: “With a whopping £250,000 up for grabs, there’s every reason for punters to have a pop at the cash this Saturday.”

Newbury will host Saturday’s totejackpot, whilst the Hennessy Gold Cup (3:00 Newbury) has been selected as the totetrifecta rollover race.

totescoop6 races – 29/11/2014

Leg 1: 1:20 Newbury

Leg 2: 1:50 Newbury

Leg 3: 2:05 Newcastle

Leg 4: 2:40 Newcastle

Leg 5: 3:00 Newbury

Leg 6: 3:35 Newbury

totescoop6 rollovers – 29/11/2014

Win: £83,181

Bonus: £73,844

totejackpot – 29/11/2014


totetrifecta rollover race – 29/11/2014

3:00 Newbury

totejackpot – 30/11/2014



Scoop6 punter has chance to take winnings over £400,000

A man from Kent could take his total totescoop6 winnings beyond £400,000 on Saturday if he can find the winner of the bonus race…but whatever happens he’ll be having some family fun with his windfall.


The punter, who has chosen to remain anonymous, will pocket £51,492 if he successfully solves the riddle that is the 17-runner Betfair “This Is Play” “Fixed Brush” Handicap Hurdle at Haydock, but last weekend a horse called Forced Family Fun helped him collect over a quarter-of-a-million.


The 47-year-old, who regularly plays the Scoop6, collected £349,618 after he was the only player in the country to pick all six winners in last Saturday’s bet including an extra £100,000 for placing his wager at


The bonus hunter, who staked just £8, said his success was yet to sink in: “I’m still numb and haven’t slept properly for days.  I don’t have the words to describe how I feel as they wouldn’t do it justice.”


When asked how he selected his six winners last weekend, the successful punter explained: “Picking the horses wasn’t easy.  Intrasigent, Battalion and Forced Family Fun were fairly obvious on form, but my Cheltenham selections were mostly down to sentiment and fortunately it paid off.    


“It proves the little man always has a chance in the Scoop6 and if you’re lucky like me then you may just be the only winner!” 


Touching on his plans for his winnings, he said: “The money will certainly make life easier.  I’m going to pay off some of my mortgage, buy a new car and treat the kids to a holiday abroad every year.  So we will have some family fun with it and it won’t be forced.”    


Looking ahead to the bonus race, he said: “I’m obviously excited about the race, but I’m treating it as a bonus.  I have a soft spot for Katkeau after last weekend and I’ll try my best not to let my heart rule my head!”


Totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths added: “It’s fantastic to see another small punter winning big on the Scoop6.  Our bonus-hunter has been a pleasure to deal with from start to finish and we’ll all be cheering on his selection in the big race.”   


The Scoop6 itself tees off with a £20,597 starting fund and takes in action from Ascot and Haydock.  Four of the six legs will be shown live on Channel 4.


The win fund should hit £125,000 with a further £25,000 expected in the bonus.


Saturday’s totejackpot comes from Haydock, with the Betfair “This Is Play” “Fixed Brush” Handicap Hurdle (2:25 Haydock) selected as the totetrifecta rollover race.


totescoop6 races – 22/11/2014


Leg 1: 1:15 Haydock

Leg 2: 1:30 Ascot

Leg 3: 2:25 Haydock – Bonus race

Leg 4: 3:00 Haydock

Leg 5: 3:15 Ascot

Leg 6: 3:35 Haydock


totescoop6 rollovers – 22/11/2014


Win: £20,597

Bonus: £51,492


totejackpot – 22/11/2014




totetrifecta rollover race – 22/11/2014


2:25 Haydock


totejackpot – 23/11/2014




Forced Family Fun for Scoop6 Punter Who Lands £349,618

A small staking punter has landed £349,618 after Forced Family Fun won the last leg the 3.15 from Wetherby and another five out of six for Scoop6 Super Club, which landed 32 place lines.


The win fund was £249,618 but the customer qualifies for an extra £100,000 because they placed their bet at


Totepool spokesman Mark Pearson said: “A massive congratulations to the customer who has an extra £100,000 and has landed just under £350,000 for only an £8 stake. This is what the Scoop6 is all about and wish them all the best going for the bonus next weekend which is £51,492.”


The customer also backed his selections in small multiple bets and landed an extra £22,000.


Pearson added: “What a fantastic Saturday for this punter and I hope they have plenty of family fun after landing this life changing amount.”


A total of £206,692 was backed into the pool and there were 5,112 winners of the place fund that returned £7.



Saturday   15th   November   2014




Saturday’s turnover £206,692


Win                             £249,618.20         1 winner


Place                          £7.00             5,112 winners  


Bonus                        Not Won          rollover £51,492


Starting Fund            £20,597



Win Fund units left after leg 1        13,926


Win Fund units left after leg 2        7,094


Win Fund units left after leg 3        324


Win Fund units left after leg 4        69


Win Fund units left after leg 5        4




Scoop6 pools set to reach £300,000

This weekend’s totescoop6 could be worth £300,000 to one lucky winner after the bonus fund was raided last Saturday when Open Eagle soared to victory in the Betfred November Handicap.


The bonus fund starts again tomorrow and is expected to hit £50,000, while the win fund should reach £250,000 after that part of the bet rolled over last weekend.


Tomorrow’s bet begins at 1:50pm with the first of three legs from Cheltenham.  The remaining races are divided between Lingfield and Wetherby.  


Betfred boss Fred Done is also dangling an extra £100,000 carrot to any Betfred customer that finds all six winners.  The prize will be shared if there are multiple winners.  


totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: “Tomorrow is one of the most eagerly anticipated racedays in the calendar andScoop6 punters can look forward to a potential £300,000 payday.”


Cheltenham hosts Saturday’s totejackpot, with the Paddy Power Gold Cup (2:30 Cheltenham) selected as the totetrifectarollover race.


totescoop6 races – 15/11/2014


Leg 1: 1:50 Cheltenham

Leg 2: 2:00 Lingfield

Leg 3: 2:30 Cheltenham

Leg 4: 2:35 Lingfield

Leg 5: 3:00 Cheltenham

Leg 6: 3:15 Wetherby


totescoop6 rollovers – 15/11/2014


Win: £177,276

Bonus: £25,656


totejackpot – 15/11/2014




totetrifecta rollover race – 15/11/2014


2:30 Cheltenham


totejackpot – 16/11/2014



Scoop6 bonus hunter could take winnings beyond £1m

Last weekend’s anonymous totescoop6 winner will have to pick the winner of the Betfred November Handicap at Doncaster if they are to pocket the £263,598 bonus pot.

If successful, they will take their winnings beyond £1m after plundering the £750,920 win fund last Saturday.

This weekend’s Scoop6 kicks off with a £105,439 starting fund that has built up over the recent run of rollovers.  The six races come from Doncaster and Wincanton and a single winner could be looking at a £175,000 payday.  

Any Betfred customer lucky enough to find all six winners will also collect a £100,000 bonus offered by Betfred boss Fred Done.  The prize will be shared if there are multiple winners.

Totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: “The Betfred November Handicap looks fiendishly difficult and our bonus hunter will deserve every penny on offer if they can find the winner.”  

Doncaster will host Saturday’s totejackpot, while the Badger Ales Trophy (2:40 Wincanton) has been selected as the totetrifecta rollover race.

totescoop6 races – 08/11/2014

Leg 1: 1:50 Doncaster

Leg 2: 2:05 Wincanton

Leg 3: 2:25 Doncaster

Leg 4: 2:40 Wincanton

Leg 5: 3:15 Wincanton

Leg 6: 3:35 Doncaster

totescoop6 rollovers – 08/11/2014

Win: £105,439

Bonus: £263,598

totejackpot – 08/11/2014


totetrifecta rollover race – 08/11/2014

2:40 Wincanton

totejackpot – 09/11/2014

Market Rasen


Spooktacular Scoop6 set to be worth seven-figures

This Halloween weekend’s totescoop6 is set to be worth £1m after punters came a cropper at Newbury last Saturday.

The win fund is already worth more than £500,000 after five successive rollovers, while the bonus pot stands at a not inconsiderable £175,382.

The puzzle set for tomorrow’s Scoop6 features five races over the sticks from Ascot as well as one on the level from Newmarket.  Four of the six legs will be shown live on Channel 4. 

Totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: “It’s always exciting when the pools hit seven-figures and a single winner would be in for a real treat on this Halloween weekend.”

The totejackpot is at Newmarket on Saturday and the totetrifecta rollover race will be the United House Gold Cup (3:35 Ascot).

totescoop6 races – 01/11/2014

Leg 1: 12:40 Ascot

Leg 2: 1:45 Ascot

Leg 3: 2:00 Newmarket

Leg 4: 2:20 Ascot

Leg 5: 3:00 Ascot

Leg 6: 3:35 Ascot

totescoop6 rollovers – 01/11/2014

Win: £503,914

Bonus: £175,382

totejackpot – 01/11/2014


totetrifecta rollover race – 01/11/2014

3:35 Ascot

totejackpot – 02/11/2014


Burano bulldozes Scoop6 punters

Despite pumping more than £500,000 into the Scoop6 pools, punters were left empty-handed after Burano brought an end to proceedings in leg five.

Brian Meehan’s charge sunk the last five tickets and triggered a rollover of £503,914 in the win fund and £175,382 in the bonus.

With nearly £700,000 rolling over, the pools could feasibly hit £1m next weekend.

Totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: “Burano bulldozed this afternoon’s Scoop6, but his victory has laid the foundations for a potential £1m bet next weekend.”

The consolation place fund returned £180.50 and was collected by 522 winners.

totescoop6 dividends - 25/10/2014

Win: Not won

Place: £180.50 – 522 winners

totescoop6 rollovers – 25/10/2014

Win: £503,914

Bonus: £175,382

totescoop6 turnover – 25/10/2014


totescoop6 leg breakdown – 25/10/2014

After Leg 1 – 2:30 Aintree: Spirit Of Shankly – 105,562

After Leg 2 – 2:40 Doncaster: Latenightrequest – 2,580

After Leg 3 – 3:00 Aintree: Wishfull Thinking – 45

After Leg 4 – 3:15 Doncaster: Dungannon – 5

After Leg 5 – 3:30 Newbury: Burano – 0

After Leg 6 – 3:50 Doncaster: Elm Park – 0

Late Late Show By Arsenal lands Scoop6 Super Club member a small fortune

SCOOP6 Super Club member JRN a regular FORUM contributor placed a small 20p perm and pocketed a whopping £5,100 plus on the rollover PICK4 last night.

Already another club member Denise has collected at odds of better than 100-1 on a £4.80 perm of 20ps, but JRN has taken her crown with his crafty 20p stakes on the Champions League matches on Tuesday and Wednesday when a very late Arsenal goal earned him his £5,000-plus payday.

It just goes to show that the Colossus Football Club has flagged up a winning opportunity for many members....on Tuesday night Baz The Blue cashed-in his Colossus perm for a few hundred profit when his beloved Manchester City were 2-0 up, He read that right as a 2-2 draw soon followed.

The Scoop6 Squirrel said of JRN's joyous result on Arsene Wenger's 65th birthday: 'You'd be nuts not to play these pools. We think the people at Colossus Bets are defining the future of football betting and our chum Bernard Marantelli is using his Scoop6 winnings to give footie fans a great run for their money.

'I know we keep banging on about it, but it is true and we're now getting winning members who are the proof of that pudding. And many have logged on with our RAF code from the Home Page for £100 worth of free matched bets subject to Colossus terms.

'It's not a case of poacher turning gamekeeper as Bernard was trying to get the bookies to listen to his thoughts about pool betting before setting up Colossus Bets on his own and with pools like the £10 million Colossus and the £1 million HDA15 - they are there for the taking for small stakes punters.

'It was great to hear about JRN taking a slice of a massive rollover PICK4 pool of around £230k with his clever 20p punts - it shows you don't have to stake large to win big.

'We know JRN was complaining about gnawing his nails down to the quick as Arsenal left it very late, but he woke up this morning with a massive smile on his face and can now afford to bring someone in to scratch his nuts if he's so inclined.

'After Beckie W, from Sheffield, used the Spider's 40-1 tip Farquhar to land two place tickets on the Scoop6 for just £16 - we're establishing the club as the home for winners.

'With the combined luck on the table at the moment that £1 million HDA15 and that £600,000 combined Scoop6 rollover are looking very attractive this weekend.'

Roll on Saturday and JRN will hopefully be posting a few handy hints on the FORUM...we look forward to both his footie and horseracing thoughts! Well done JRN - now let some of that rub off on Saturday's bets.


Roalco leaves Scoop6 punters feeling grey

Punters were defeated by this weekend’s totescoop6 after Roalco De Farges won the fifth leg at Cheltenham.

The likeable grey sent 24 tickets through the trapdoor and means there is a rollover of £315,470 in the win fund and £108,080 in the bonus pot.     

Totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: “Roalco De Farges slipped off the radar of Scoop6 punters and we’re now looking at a £600,000 bet next weekend.”

A total of £231,576 was invested into today’s pool and there were 292 winners of the consolation place fund, which returned £138.70.

totescoop6 dividends - 18/10/2014

Win: Not won

Place: £138.70 – 292 winners

totescoop6 rollovers – 18/10/2014

Win: £315,470

Bonus: £108,080

totescoop6 leg breakdown – 18/10/2014

After Leg 1 – 2:20 Ascot: Gordon Lord Byron – 31,337

After Leg 2 – 2:35 Cheltenham: Johns Spirit – 7,276

After Leg 3 – 2:55 Ascot: Madame Chiang – 179

After Leg 4 – 3:30 Ascot: Charm Spirit – 24

After Leg 5 – 3:45 Cheltenham: Roalco De Farges – 0

After Leg 6 – 4:45 Ascot: Bronze Angel – 0

Scoop6 Punters in a Spin Once Again

The Scoop6 rolled once again after Spinatrix won Leg 5 the Coral Sprint Trophy from York and only five tickets got the place up for a dividend of £7,591..

There were only two tickets left after Farquhar’s surprise victory in Leg 4 the Betfred TV Stakes.

Totepool spokesman Mark Pearson said: “It was always going to be tough this week but there should be a combined pot of half million pounds next Saturday.”

A total of £216,910 was bet into the pool and there were only five winners of the place fund that paid £7,591.

Saturday   11th   October   2014


Saturday’s turnover £216,910

Win                             Not Won          rollover £234,419    

Place                          £7,591.80             5 winners  

Bonus                        Not Won          rollover £79,133

Starting Fund            £31,653



Leg 1         -        Newmarket                  2.05  -  2, 9, 4F  N/R 5


Leg 2         -        York                              2.20  -  7, 5, 1  


Leg 3         -        Newmarket                  2.40 -   2F, 17, 19  N/Rs 1, 11


Leg 4         -        Newmarket                  3.10 -   17, 10, 20, 21


Leg 5         -        York                              3.30  -  1, 10, 9, 6


Leg 6         -        Newmarket                  3.50  -  23, 4, 11F, 2  N/R 32


Win Fund units left after leg 1        3,762


Win Fund units left after leg 2        474


Win Fund units left after leg 3        69


Win Fund units left after leg 4        2


Win Fund units left after leg 5        0




Saturday’s favourite bet is expected to have £350,000 in the combined funds after last week’s incredible rollover.

Going into the final leg last Saturday there were 297 tickets remaining with the only horse not covered eventual winner Intransigent.

This week’s win fund should reach £250,000 while the bonus is expected to reach £100,000.

Totepool spokesman Mark Pearson said: “It is tough this week finishing on the Betfred Cesarewitch but after last Saturday’s incredible rollover there is a decent pot to chase.”

As well as £350,000 in the combined funds Betfred boss Fred Done has added an extra £100,000 for any Betfred winner of the Scoop6. This bonus would be shared if more than one winner and applies to Betfred’s shops, and mobile, and mobile, racecourses and call centre.

totescoop6 races:         -                      

leg1 –   Newmarket 2.05

leg2 –   York 2.20

leg3 –   Newmarket 2.40

leg4 –   Newmarket 3.10

leg5 –   York 3.30

leg6 –   Newmarket 3.50                                           

Win Fund Rollover £  158,500.69

Bonus Fund rollover £ 52,019.75

There will be a 100k bonus to a Betfred winner of the Scoop6. Shared if more than one winner and applies to and mobile,, Retail and racecourses

totejackpot Meeting                   -      Newmarket

totetrifecta rollover race             -           York 3.30


Three Tickets Share Bonus Fund

Bronze Angel’s repeat win in the Betfred Cambridgeshire resulted in 3 tickets landing the Scoop6 bonus and winning an extra £10,704 each.

Totepool spokesman Mark Pearson aaid: “Congratulations to the three winning punters who may not grab the Scoop6 headlines this year but they have all turned small stakes into a total of £22,443 each.”

The winning punters were a £2 player from a Betfred shop in Glasgow, a investor who also placed the minimum stake and a customer who originally staked £6.

Meanwhile, the win fund rolled with the only remaining ticket in the final leg on favourite Cornrow. Next week’s win fund is estimated to reach £150,000.

A total of £197,410 was bet into the pool and there were 71 winners of the place fund who picked up £486.50 each.

Saturday   27th   September   2014


Saturday’s turnover £197,410

Win                             Not Won          rollover £81,938

Place                          £486.50             71 winners                         

Bonus                        £10,704             3 winners      rollover £24,676

Starting Fund            £9,870

Win Fund units left after leg 1        27,779

Win Fund units left after leg 2        1,827

Win Fund units left after leg 3        23

Win Fund units left after leg 4        3

Win Fund units left after leg 5        1

Last unit on leg 6 on no. 22 - Cornrow

Twenty-nine tickets in hunt for Scoop6 bonus fund

Twenty-nine ticket holders who pocketed £11,721 each on last weekend’s totescoop6 will play for an extra £32,113 in tomorrow’s bonus race – the Betfred Cambridgeshire – at Newmarket.

All the winning tickets are held by individual punters, with 13 of them betting the minimum £2, and 22 staking less than £50 last Saturday.

Two of the winners placed their bets via and they are both looking forward to playing for the big bonus tomorrow.

John Stainer, 28, from Portsmouth, staked £6 and said: “I’ve only been playing the Scoop6 since the huge rollovers in May and I can’t believe I’ve managed to win it. 

“When my six horses came in, my first thought was retirement, but the winnings will help towards a new car and set us up nicely for our baby on the way in December.    

“I always use the Racing Post to make my selections and keep an eye out for good horses with a lucky number.  Louis The Pious was number seven in the Ayr Gold Cup and I’ll be sticking to the winning formula in the bonus race.”   

Adrian Hayward, 50, from Newbury, said: “The Scoop6 is my favourite bet and I play every Saturday.  I narrowly missed out on some big rollovers recently, so it was great to see a £250,000 starting fund last week.

“The Scoop6 has been a lucky bet for me having won it twice last year and hopefully I can keep the run going tomorrow.  I’ve backed Cornrow ante-post for the Cambridgeshire so he’ll be my first port of call.”

Tomorrow’s Scoop6 is divided between Haydock, Market Rasen and Newmarket, with the Betfred Cambridgeshire selected as the final leg.  Five of the six races will be shown live on Channel 4.     

The win fund should hit £75,000, with £25,000 expected in the bonus pool at the start of play.

The totejackpot is at Haydock on Saturday and the totetrifecta rollover race will be the 888sport Hurdle (2:15 Market Rasen).

totescoop6 races – 27/09/2014

Leg 1: 2:00 Newmarket

Leg 2: 2:15 Market Rasen

Leg 3: 2:50 Market Rasen

Leg 4: 3:10 Newmarket

Leg 5: 3:35 Haydock

Leg 6: 3:50 Newmarket – bonus race

totescoop6 rollovers – 27/09/2014

Bonus: £32,113

totejackpot – 27/09/2014


totetrifecta rollover race – 27/09/2014

2:15 Market Rasen

totejackpot – 28/09/2014


Louis strikes Gold for Scoop6 bonus hunters

Nineteen punters chasing the totescoop6 bonus fund were celebrating after joining forces to net a share of the £1.25m pool.

With each of the 19 tickets selecting a different horse, well over half of the Ayr Gold Cup field was covered including the eventual winner Louis The Pious.  The winning ticket itself was one of several to belong to a large staking syndicate.

This means each ticket-holder has added £65,755 to the £153,429 they banked last Saturday.

Totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said:“In a race as open as the Ayr Gold Cup you can’t blame the 19 players for joining forces.

“It would have taken a huge shock to scupper their plan and we hope they all enjoy their slice of the pie.”

There were 29 winners of this afternoon’s win fund, with each ticket securing a £11,721 payday.

The successful players could add a further £32,133 to their haul if they select the winner of next weekend’s bonus race, which is almost certain to be the Betfred Cambridgeshire at Newmarket.

A total of £256,908 was bet into today’s pools and there were 3,784 winners of the £18.20 place dividend.

totescoop6 dividends – 20/09/2014

Win:£11,721 – 29 winners

Bonus: £1,249,353 – one winner

Place: £18.20 – 3,784 winners

totescoop6 rollovers – 20/09/2014

Bonus: £32,133

totescoop6 leg breakdown – 20/09/2014

After Leg 1 – 1:50 Newbury: Hillstar – 51,335

After Leg 2 – 2:40 Ayr: Huntsmans Close – 5,216

After Leg 3 – 2:55 Newbury: Air Pilot – 1,573

After Leg 4 – 3:15 Ayr: Sky Hunter – 710

After Leg 5 – 3:30 Newbury: Mecca’s Angel – 478

After Leg 6 – 3:50 Ayr: Louis The Pious – 29


Nineteen tickets chase £1.25m Scoop6 bonus

The 19 ticket holders that shared last weekend’s Scoop6 have the chance to bank a further £1,249,353 in tomorrow’s bonus race.

Each punter has already pocketed £153,429 and could top up their haul to almost £1.5m if they select the winner of the William Hill Ayr Gold Cup (3:50 Ayr).

Totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: “Our 19 winners made short work of last weekend’s Scoop6 and we wish them all the best of luck in the bonus race.

“The Ayr Gold Cup looks a minefield at first glance, but with so many tickets in the mix it may require a shock result to trigger a rollover.”

Any punters going for tomorrow’s win pool can set their sights on the first ever £250,000 totescoop6 starting fund.  With around £300,000 expected to be invested on top, the win pot should hit £400,000 by the start of play.   

This weekend’s bet comes from Ayr and Newbury, with the legs divided equally between the two tracks.  All six races will be shown live on Channel 4.

The totejackpot is at Ayr on Saturday and the totetrifecta rollover race will be the Dubai Duty Free Handicap (2:55 Newbury).

totescoop6 races – 20/09/2014

Leg 1: 1:50 Newbury

Leg 2: 2:40 Ayr

Leg 3: 2:55 Newbury

Leg 4: 3:15 Ayr

Leg 5: 3:30 Newbury

Leg 6: 3:50 Ayr - bonus race

totescoop6 rollovers – 20/09/2014

Win: £250,000 – guaranteed starting fund after deductions

Bonus: £1,249,353

totejackpot – 20/09/2014


totetrifecta rollover race – 20/09/2014

2:55 Newbury

totejackpot – 21/09/2014



Fire has Punters Dancing for Joy

N,N,N,N.....NINETEEN punters are celebrating this evening after Dance of Fire's victory winning £153,429 each on the Scoop6.
The 16/1 victory of Marcret in the first leg saw just 39977 tickets make it through to leg 2 and a 12th consecutive rollover looked very possible. The remaining 5 legs however all fell to fancied runners, leaving 99 tickets battling out for the prize by time the runners went to post for the 5.00 Doncaster.
Totepool Spokesman Matt Hulmes said "Congratulations to the 19 lucky punters on their winnings this afternoon on what looked a tricky Scoop6. Turnover was really healthy and we wish the bonus hunters luck in their quest next Saturday. We hope to create another Scoop6 millionaire.”
The 19 winning tickets all go forward to the bonus race next Saturday, and the chance to add £1.2million to their winnings today.
He added " Those who missed out this week can gain plenty of compensation next week with the win fund  guaranteed at £250k”
Totescoop6 dividends – 13/09/2014
Win: £153,429.30 – 19 winners
Place: £130.20 – 3784 winners
totescoop6 Bonus Fund –13/09/2014
Bonus: £1,249,353
Totescoop6 leg breakdown – 13/09/2014
After Leg 1 – 2:20 Chester: Marcret – 39,977
After Leg 2 – 2:40 Doncaster: Muthmir - 12,561
After Leg 3 – 3.50 Doncaster: Kingston Hill - 3805
After Leg 4 – 4.25 Doncaster: Mount Logan - 1154
After Leg 5 - 4.40 Leopardstown: Toe The Line - 99
After Leg 6 – 5.00 Doncaster: Dance Of Fire - 19

Huge Scoop6 forecast to hit £4m

A single winner of this weekend’s totescoop6 would become an instant multi-millionaire with the combined pools set to hit £4m.

A whopping £2,052,751 currently lines the win pot, which is the second highest since the run of rollovers that led to a record £16m Scoop6 in May.

Any punters hoping to get their hands on the money will need to find the winners of six selected races tomorrow.

The Ladbrokes St Leger has been selected as leg three of the Scoop6.  It is one of four legs from Doncaster, with the 2:20 at Chester and the 4:40* at Leopardstown making up the remaining two races.

The bonus fund, which will be played for next weekend by anyone lucky enough to scoop the win fund, stands at £879,750 and ranks as the ninth largest in the bet’s history.

Betfred made it 4/7 that last Saturday’s bet would rollover, but the odds suggest it is more winnable this weekend.  The win fund is 8/11 to go begging and even money to be landed.

Totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: “It’s a huge weekend of racing with a Scoop6 to match.

'We’ve selected six quality races and the bet certainly has a more winnable feel than in recent weeks.

“There’s going to be £4m up for grabs and we would love to make one or even two millionaires.”

Saturday’s totejackpot will come from Doncaster, with the Ladbrokes St Leger (3:50 Doncaster) selected as the totetrifecta rollover race.

*The 4:40 Leopardstown (leg 5) features two reserves – numbers 17 & 18.  These are considered runners until declared otherwise.  As per totepool rules, any ticketson a non-runner will be transferred onto the SP favourite.

13th September totescoop6 win fund to be won – Betfred bet: 8/11 No, Evs Yes.

totescoop6 races – 13/09/2014

Leg 1: 2:20 Chester

Leg 2: 2:40 Doncaster

Leg 3: 3:50 Doncaster

Leg 4: 4:25 Doncaster

Leg 5: 4:40 Leopardstown

Leg 6: 5:00 Doncaster

totescoop6 rollovers – 13/09/2014

Win: £2,052,751

Bonus: £879,750

totejackpot – 13/09/2014


totetrifecta rollover race – 13/09/2014

3:50 Doncaster

totejackpot – 14/09/2014


£3.5m Scoop6 legs revealed

A sequence of ten successive rollovers has teed up a potential £3.5m windfall for a single winner of this weekend’s totescoop6.

Last weekend’s bet eluded punters after Oldjoesaid triggered a rollover in the fifth leg at Beverley.  This means tomorrow’s win fund will start at £1,716,245, while the bonus pool kicks off at £735,533.

A whopping £1,009,498 was pumped into the Scoop6 pools last Saturday and totepool predict that figure could double tomorrow, giving a £2.5m win fund and a £1m bonus.

Every leg of tomorrow’s Scoop6 will be broadcast live on Channel 4, with the six races divided between Ascot, Haydock and Kempton.  The final leg is the Betfred Sprint Cup, where Sole Power will bid to complete a hat-trick of Group 1 wins this season.

Totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: “This weekend’s Scoop6 is going to be colossal. 

“Turnover is guaranteed to go through the roof and we expect the combined pools will hit £3.5m when the first leg goes off.  The dream scenario is to have one or two winners, which would make them instant millionaires.”

Haydock has been selected as Saturday’s totejackpot meeting, while the totetrifecta rollover race will be the Betfred TV Old Borough Cup (3:15 Haydock).

totescoop6 races – 06/09/2014

Leg 1: 1:55 Ascot

Leg 2: 2:05 Haydock

Leg 3: 2:55 Kempton

Leg 4: 3:15 Haydock

Leg 5: 3:30 Ascot

Leg 6: 3:50 Haydock

totescoop6 rollovers – 06/09/2014

Win: £1,716,245

Bonus: £735,533

totejackpot – 06/09/2014


totetrifecta rollover race – 06/09/2014

3:15 Haydock

totejackpot – 07/09/2014


Colossus up for award in Las Vegas

Football Colossus Club knows a winning bet when it sees one and football pool betting company Colossus Bets is now short-listed for an award in Las Vegas.

The Squirrel's Scoop6 winning chum Bernard Marantelli, founder of, has found his online baby shortlisted in the Digital Gaming Innovation category at the Global Gaming Awards 2014.

The bumper £10 million Colossus is a football pool bet to be proud of, but Bernard has not been resting on his laurels and has now launched a £1 million HDA 15 and the Football Colossus Club managed 14 out of the 15 on our first go at that.

England goal-scoring legend Michael Owen is ambassador for Colossus Bets and the BT Sport presenter knows a winner when he sees one.

These pools look astronomical, but the Scoop6 Squirrel - the mathematical maestro - behind Football Colossus Club, said: 'Just because the figures look enormous that doesn't mean the £10 million prize is out of anyone's reach - a £2 player like Agnes Haddock could get lucky and land the lot.

'But we're playing the Colossus as a syndicate and want to land a big pool that will spread out very well around the members.

'We take our hat off to Bernard's innovation as his baby is just what the football betting world wants, but most punters are not yet shrewd enough to realise what great value it offers.

'It is only a matter of time before it really takes off as more and more bookmakers come on board. We've got our eye on the ball very early and hope to make history by becoming the first winners of the massive Colossus pools.

'We've already been one off the £1 million HDA15 and one off the £10 million Colossus - that's what we call knocking on the door and we know it can be done.

'But just like the Scoop6 it isn't easy, though with skill and judgement you can narrow down your odds and put that massive win within reach.

'We wish Bernard well in Las Vegas.'

The Global Gaming Awards 2014 take place on September 29th in the gambling capital of the world.

Football Colossus Club is played via and with a £2 million-plus Scoop6 new members are more than welcome.

The £1,000,000 HDA15 is available on on both Desktop/Web as well as a customized smartphone and tablet experience on Mobile Web and members wishing to play on their own as well as with the club can use our Refer A Friend code - which is RAFMVLRBZ8. Anyone using the code will qualify for matched bets up to £100 in value for the first 72 hours on the site.

It’s A Gimme sinks Scoop6 punters

Scoop6 punters were out of luck this afternoon after AP McCoy notched the 4,192nd winner of his career on It’s A Gimme in the Betfred Summer Plate at Market Rasen.

The 2/1 jolly eliminated the last four tickets and means the win fund of £351,250 rolls over to next weekend.

The bonus pool, which cannot be played for until 2 August at the earliest, now stands at £150,536.

Totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: “It’s A Gimme was a heartbreaker for the final four ticket-holders and has teed up a possible £750,000 Scoop6 next weekend.”

A total of £303,226 was pumped into this afternoon’s pools and there were 1,152 winners of the £52.60 place fund.

totescoop6 dividends – 19/07/2014

Win:Not won

Place: £52.60 – 1,152 winners

totescoop6 rollovers – 19/07/2014

Win: £351,250

Bonus: £150,536

totescoop6 leg breakdown – 19/07/2014

After Leg 1 – 2:25 Newmarket: Noble Protector – 3,728

After Leg 2 – 2:40 Newbury: Amralah – 242

After Leg 3 – 2:55 Market Rasen: Purple Bay – 36

After Leg 4 – 3:15 Newbury: Music Master – 4

After Leg 5 – 3:30 Market Rasen: It’s A Gimme – 0

After Leg 6 – 3:50 Newbury: Tiggy Wiggy – 0

Heaven’s Guest dooms Scoop6 punters

Next weekend’s totescoop6 is likely to be worth more than £500,000 after Heaven’s Guest triggered a rollover in the fourth leg of this afternoon’s bet.

A total of 244 tickets were still in the hunt for the £245,121 win fund before the Bunbury Cup, where Tony Hamilton delivered his mount with precision timing to eliminate them all

The bonus fund was not played for and will climb from £105,052 next Saturday. The Scoop6 Super Club landed place lines for a return of £254.40. 

totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: “Heaven’s Guest did a demolition job in the fourth leg and means Scoop6 punters will be playing for over £500,000 next weekend.”

A total of £244,074 was bet into this afternoon’s pools and there were 1,533 winners of the £31.80 place dividend.

totescoop6 dividends – 12/07/2014

Win:Not won

Place: £31.80 – 1,533 winners

totescoop6 rollovers – 12/07/2014

Win: £245,121

Bonus: £105,052

totescoop6 leg breakdown – 12/07/2014

After Leg 1 – 1:55 Ascot: Discussiontofollow – 5,163

After Leg 2 – 2:30 Ascot: Guest Of Honour – 2,210

After Leg 3 – 2:55 York: Farraaj – 244

After Leg 4 – 3:15 Newmarket: Heaven’s Guest – 0

After Leg 5 – 3:30 York: Take Cover – 0

After Leg 6 – 3:50 Newmarket: Slade Power – 0

£350,000 Scoop6 on bumper Saturday of racing

A whopping £350,000 could be scooped by a single winner of this weekend’s totescoop6 on what is set to be a bumper Saturday of racing across the country.

The bet takes in action from three of tomorrow’s big meetings, with Ascot, Newmarket and York each hosting two legs.  All six contests are due to be shown live on Channel 4.

Following last weekend’s rollover at Sandown, totepool areforecasting the win pool will hit £250,000 and the bonus fund will reach £100,000.

There will also be an added £100,000 prize for any Betfred customer that selects all six winners.  If there are multiple winners, the bonus will be shared between them.

totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: “It’s a bumper Saturday of racing, with a huge prize up for grabs for anyone who can find all six Scoop6 winners.”

The totejackpot will be at York on Saturday before moving onto Stratford on Sunday.

totescoop6 races – 12/07/2014

Leg 1: 1:55 Ascot

Leg 2: 2:30 Ascot

Leg 3: 2:55 York

Leg 4: 3:15 Newmarket

Leg 5: 3:30 York

Leg 6: 3:50 Newmarket

totescoop6 rollovers – 12/07/2014

Win: £159,695

Bonus: £68,441

Mukhadram derails final Scoop6 punter

This weekend’s totescoop6 went begging after Mukhadram eliminated the last remaining ticket in the sixth leg.

The hopes of the final punter rested on Night Of Thunder in the Coral-Eclipse, who was held up off a sedate pace and finished down the field.

This means there is a rollover of £159,695 in the win fund, whilst the bonus pool has grown to £68,441.

totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: “A lack of winning favourites is generally a recipe for disaster for Scoop6 punters and means we’ll have a £350,000 bet next weekend.”

A total of £241,258 was bet into today’s pools and there were 30 winners of the place fund, which returned a bumper £1,608.30.

totescoop6 dividends – 05/07/2014

Win:Not won

Place: £1,608.30 – 30 winners

totescoop6 rollovers – 05/07/2014

Win: £159,695

Bonus: £68,441

totescoop6 leg breakdown – 05/07/2014

After Leg 1 – 2:05 Sandown: Extortionist – 7,650

After Leg 2 – 2:20 Haydock: Justice Day – 871

After Leg 3 – 2:40 Sandown: Velox – 90

After Leg 4 – 2:55 Haydock: Pomology – 7

After Leg 5 – 3:30 Haydock: De Rigueur – 1

After Leg 6 – 3:50 Sandown: Mukhadram – 0

Angel shines on Newcastle for Scoop6 bonus hunter

Furniture shop owner Mike Brown landed this weekend’s totescoop6 bonus fund after his selection Angel Gabrial soared home to score in the John Smith’s Northumberland Plate at Newcastle.

This means he adds a further £189,869 to the £413,696 he pocketed for selecting six winners last Saturday.

In an astonishing coincidence, this is the second occasion the 53-year-old has claimed the bonus fund in the Northumberland Plate after successfully selecting Archduke Ferdinand to win back in 2001.

Mike, clearly delighted with his success, said: “The Angel of the North was certainly shining down on the North East for me today.

“The Pitmen’s Derby has been lucky for me in the past so I had a funny feeling it might be my day.

“The race couldn’t have gone any better and I’m absolutely delighted to have hit the bonus.”    

Totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths added: “They say lightning never strikes twice, but Mike has thrown that out of the window by landing the bonus fund twice in the same race.  We couldn’t be happier for him and hope he enjoys spending up his hefty winnings.” 

There was no such luck for punters chasing the win fund, which rolled over when Gregorian won the fifth leg at Newmarket to trigger a £75,255 rollover to next weekend.

A total of £215,016 was bet into this afternoon’s pools and there were 1,023 winners of the £42.00 place dividend.

totescoop6 dividends – 28/06/2014

Win:Not won

Bonus: £189,869 – one winner

Place: £42.00 – 1,023 winners

totescoop6 rollovers – 28/06/2014

Win: £75,255

Bonus: £32,252

totescoop6 leg breakdown – 28/06/2014

After Leg 1 – 2:05 Newcastle: Tatlisu – 10,303

After Leg 2 – 2:20 Newmarket: Calypso Beat – 337

After Leg 3 – 2:55 Newmarket: Sheikhzayedroad – 59

After Leg 4 – 3:15 Newcastle: Almargo – 1

After Leg 5 – 3:30 Newmarket: Gregorian – 0

After Leg 6 – 3:50 Newcastle: Angel Gabrial – 0

100th Anniversary of Archduke Ferdinand's Assassination could be omen for bonus chaser

A PUNTER who first won big 13 years ago when a horse called Archduke Ferdinand won the Northumberland Plate has a chance of a further £189,869 on the SAME race tomorrow....the 100th anniversary of the assassination that sparked World War One.
And furniture shop owner Mike Brown hopes the astonishing coincidence is an omen that will take his winnings on the popular televised Tote Scoop6 bet to more than £1 million after he landed £413,696 for selecting six winners last Saturday.
Mike, 53, of Canton, Cardiff, a Scoop6 Super Club member, said: ‘I heard them talking on the radio about the assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo on June 28th 1914 and couldn’t believe the co-incidence.
‘As exactly 13 years ago I won the Scoop6 on the final day of Royal Ascot then landed a third share of a special £200,000 bonus when a horse called Archduke Ferdinand trained by Paul Cole won the Northumberland Plate at 12-1.
‘That win was also watched by a group of lads from Scotland who named their band Franz Ferdinand after discussing the assassination, but to find myself going back to Newcastle for a second chance of a massive win in the Northumberland Plate has to be a sign.
‘My first win in a Scoop6 bonus race was back in 2001 and I picked up a total of £73,000 then, I went on to win the Scoop6 on my own in February 2004 and got £208,000 that time, but if I get the bonus on Saturday it will take my Scoop6 winnings over the £1 million mark.
‘But to win it 13 years to the day is an astonishing coincidence and last August when I won I shared an extra £50,000 with another chap as we’d both placed our bets in Betfred shops.
‘With the £250,000 bonus for placing my bet direct via the Totepool website I feel I’ve already landed the bonus, so this weekend is just an extra bonus of £189, 869 and I feel no pressure and am totally relaxed about the weekend.’
New Zealander Mike, who employs five staff at his furniture store - Branches of Bristol opposite Temple Mead railway station - said: ‘The win was a real stress reliever. Like a lot of small business people up and down the country cash flow has been an issue for the past six years since everything went haywire in the global economy.
‘The first £100,000 of my winnings goes to securing the future of the business. The Betfred bonus I won this time and the one last year together with that first Totepool one add up to around a third of a million – now that’s a real bonus.
‘People don’t need to win £2 million on the National Lottery at odds of 14,000,000-1 when you can win £400,000 to £600,000 on the Scoop6 at odds of about half-a-million to one.
‘They say lightning doesn’t strike twice, but the coincidences are incredible and I am hoping it does in the Northumberland Plate as picking up my second bonus on the race would be fantastic.’
His six winners last weekend were at Royal Ascot and Ayr and were: Arab Spring 11-4, Telescope 7-4, Burning Thread 12-1, Slade Power 7-2, Hay Chewed 17-2 and Baccarat 9-1 – as the sole winner of the Scoop6 he gets a FREE selection in the Northumberland Plate – known as the Pitmen’s Derby – at Newcastle tomorrow (Saturday).
Fred Done, owner of Betfred and the Tote, said: ‘It is an absolutely astonishing coincidence that Mike has already landed a share of a £200,000 Scoop6 bonus on a horse called Archduke Ferdinand and now he’s back on the 100th anniversary of the fateful assassination to do the same again in the SAME race.
‘Talk about slaughtering the bookmakers! I’ve got Mike down as the Scoop6 assassin – he keeps sniping off our massive bonuses.’
·        In June 2001 three-year-old racehorse Archduke Ferdinand at odds of 12-1 won the Northumberland Plate at Newscastle ridden by Franny Norton carrying 8st 4lbs.
·        On June 28th 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s car stalled on Franz Josef Street in Sarajevo, Bosnie, five feet in front of assassin Gavrilo Princip, who fired twice into the vehicle killing both the Archduke and his wife. The event was the catalyst for World War One which cost 16.5 million lives.

One Scoop6 punter banks over £160,000 with Baccarat

There was one winner of this afternoon’s totescoop6 after Baccarat claimed the final leg at Royal Ascot.

The lucky punter, who banked £163,696, has also earned the chance to play for a further £189,869 in the bonus race next Saturday.

Early indications are the winner placed a £576 bet via,which means they also collect a £250,000 bonus on offer to any Betfred punter that won today’s Scoop6.

totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said:“The Scoop6 is a game of skill so it’s fitting one punter has hit the jackpot with Baccarat.”

A total of £235,616 was bet into the pools this afternoon and there were 769 winners of the £61.20 place dividend.

totescoop6 dividends – 21/06/2014

Win:£163,696 – one winner

Place: £61.20 – 769 winners

totescoop6 rollovers – 21/06/2014

Bonus: £189,869

totescoop6 leg breakdown – 21/06/2014

After Leg 1 – 3:05 Ascot: Arab Spring – 37,060

After Leg 2 – 3:45 Ascot: Telescope – 20,842

After Leg 3 – 4:15 Ayr: Burning Thread – 330

After Leg 4 – 4:25 Ascot: Slade Power – 110

After Leg 5 – 4:50 Ayr: Hay Chewed – 16

After Leg 6 – 5:00 Ascot: Baccarat – 1

Week 1 Colossus Club on Swiss Roll

Our 8 HDA bet with Colossus - got a massive boost when Costa Rica beat Uruguay - while most other bets went down....we still had three tickets alive that take us into the final leg on the HOME DRAW and AWAY, so full cover and a minimum £6,322 return on the bet. So that's a fair profit.
We are getting the hang of the tournament betting a bit more now and are looking for future opportunities to add profit.
Our poorest return is the above £6,322 on a Switzerland win, but the draw pays £7,347, yet the one we'll be cheering loudest is the Ecuador win for a £7,767 return.
We did suggest at the outset that the syndicate would give us an interest in games that you'd never really expect to be interested in....and after watching Ecuador V England I had no idea I'd be cheering them on their next game.
I am going to have a couple of quid on the England V Argentina final now - as I was impressed with the performance last night and in the words of the song....things can only get better. Firstly, apologies to fans of D:Ream for using those words and secondly apologies to our Scottish members as I suspect they'll be supporting the Argies or at least anyone but England.  

Scoop6 bonus hunter's charity pledge

A BIG-HEARTED betting shop punter who won £139,665 for £2 last weekend and
gets a free shot at £119,713 today (Saturday) – will give half of any bonus
winnings to a cancer charity.
The dad-of-two, who lost his 38-year-old sister Julie eight years ago to
breast cancer, was thrilled with his Scoop6 windfall last weekend, but has
pledged half of any future fortune to Macmillan Cancer Support.
The 49-year-old driver, from Kirkby, Merseyside, who placed his Tote Scoop6
ticket in his local William Hill shop, said: ‘When my sister died eight
years ago Macmillan were marvellous and I’ve brought up her six-year-old
daughter as my own ever since.
‘Without them I’d have probably cracked and I very much appreciate all that
they did. I have lost a good friend this year to cancer and Macmillan were
doing the same great job for him and it is hard work at a very difficult
time for people.
‘They deserve all the praise and when I spotted a race at York with
Macmillan in the name I thought it was an omen and what I’ve never had I won’t
‘My luck changed about 10 days ago when my boss told me that my part-time
job was going to become full-time and then a couple of days later I won the
Scoop6 and £139,665 will enable me to buy our house and secure the future for
‘It won’t change me, but it will make a massive difference to us. The bonus
is hell of a lot of money, but what I’ve never had I won’t miss and if I can
put some of it towards a good cause then that would be great.
‘I’d be happy to do that as I am not a horseman I just picked the six
winners the week before as a bit of crack with my dad. He watches them on
the telly, because he doesn’t really get out of the house.
‘I cannot afford to gamble, but had a couple of quid spare at the weekend. I’d
urge anyone to give a couple of quid to Macmillan if they’re going racing
this weekend.
‘There are a lot of people worse off in this world than me, so if I can help
then I am happy with that.’
The man and another 71-year-old punter from a Ladbrokes shop in
Barnstaple, Devon who won last weekend’s Scoop6 by picking six winners in
televised races will play for a further £119,713 with a free pick each in
today’s bonus race – the Betbright Charity Sprint – at York.
Totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: “It’s wonderful to have two
small-staking punters going for the bonus and we wish them both the best of
luck in the big race.
‘But the generosity of the dad from Kirkby has really hit everyone and we’ll
all really be cheering on his selection.’
In February 2009 a Scoop6 punter from Suffolk pledged a £2.75 million bonus to the Royal British Legion, but when his bid failed he still made a £200,000 donation from his earlier winnings of £669,465 for £2.
And in November 2007 Richard Brocklebank, 48, aka the Scoop6 Squirrel, donated a portion of his stakes that landed £3 million winnings to the Thomas Russell Cancer Trust Fund.

See The Sun leaves bonus hunters in the shade

This afternoon’s totescoop6 bonus fund was not won after See The Sun shone brightest in the BetBright Charity Sprint at York.

Two anonymous punters were going for the £119,713 prize,  one of whom – a 49-year-old driver from Merseyside – had pledged to donate half his winnings to the charity Macmillan if his selection Charles Molson passed the winning post in front.

The other bonus chaser plumped for heavily-backed favourite Danzeno, who showed up well for much of the contest before fading badly in the closing stages.

Totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: “It’s a shame everything didn’t fall into place for our two bonus chasers, but particularly the Merseysider, who had pledged half his winnings to Macmillan.

“See The Sun was very difficult to fancy and he’s teed up a potential £400,000 Scoop6 next weekend.”

Spirit Of The Law killed off any hopes punters had of landing the win fund when he got the better of Busatto in a thrilling finish to the fourth leg at York.

The result knocked out the remaining 155 tickets and means £81,230 carries over to next weekend, along with the bonus fund.

A total of £232,088 was bet into this afternoon’s pools and there were 12 winners of the place fund, which returned a whopping £3,868.

totescoop6 dividends – 14/06/2014

Win:Not won

Bonus: Not won

Place: £3,868.10 – 12 winners

totescoop6 rollovers – 14/06/2014

Win: £81,230

Bonus: £154,526

totescoop6 leg breakdown – 14/06/2014

After Leg 1 – 1:50 Sandown: Agent Murphy – 5,624

After Leg 2 – 2:05 York: Pearl Castle – 746

After Leg 3 – 2:20 Sandown: Sea Shanty – 155

After Leg 4 – 2:40 York: Spirit Of The Law – 0

After Leg 5 – 3:35 Musselburgh: Demora – 0

After Leg 6 – 3:50 York: See The Sun – 0

World Cup Colossus Club

Horseracing is likely to be overshadowed this weekend as the World Cup gets underway in Brazil, though we'll still be cracking on with the Scoop6.
But we're also going to take a dabble on the World Cup as Scoop6 winner Bernard Marantelli runs a great pool betting site and any members fancying a couple of quid can use our Refer A Friend code to get free bets by quoting RAFMVLRBZ8 .
And we're thinking lots of people will be wanting a few quid on the World Cup games and with Colossus Bets the pools are massive with a £10 million Colossus and fractional cash in available, so if we play the syndicate right we can land some winnings. We will have to see what exisiting members think and what new members want to put it.
We may not play to the full £2 per line, as the stakes start at 20p and that could give us a lot of lines and a lot of ongoing interest in the games when England are not playing.
With that in mind we are launching a weekly series starting on Thursday and a four weekly Tournament series starting on Saturday - just like the Scoop6 we will play them the same way, with all the weekly cash going on that week and the Tournament cash being shared around the bets that start later. We hope it makes sense and it gives members and their mates a fresh interest in the football.
Here's hoping we get a ride right the way to the final and perhaps Roy and the Boys will go all the way in Brazil with us!
Whatever happens it's a beautiful game and we believe our World Cup Colossus Club offers a beautiful betting opportunity.
Get on board for the Samba punting action with the SAS (Squirrel Aggie Spider) and we're hoping to tap up fellow racing enthusiast and former England ace Michael Owen for some tournament titbits that might help with our punting.
Here's to a winning World Cup.

Golfing goody for players who pick World Cup Winners

A great golf offer has come to our attention on the back of the World Cup - the chaps at Your Golf Travel are offering a tremendous deal.

Full refunds for golfers if they book a trip ahead of the tournament starting and nominate the winning team - well 1,400 golfers got their refunds last World Cup after selecting Spain.

You may recall the Your Golf Travel boys triumphing in the Cambridgeshire with Credit Swap backed at all odds from 66-1 to 14s before getting up on the line for the win, so they know their racing as well as their golf.

The Squirrel and his six-legged friend the Spider are both on Argentina, but whoever you fancy if you're a golfer this offer is well worth a go. If the 24 hours a day watching the World Cup doesn't get you in trouble with your loved one - then telling them you're off to play golf with your mates could be the icing on the cake.

As Fred Pontin used to say 'book early' and to make that possible the link is below:

Multi-millionaire gambler and binman share champers after a £5.5 million British record Tote dividend is landed at York races today (Saturday)

A MULTI-MILLIONAIRE gambler won a British record Tote dividend of £5,481,763
today after offering a bin cleaner the chance to double his
£1.3 million win from the week before.
Bernard Marantelli, 43,  landed the monster dividend with a free selection
after teaming up with two other syndicates, but had extended his offer of
collaboration to wheely binman Craig Brazier, 39, of Mansfield, Notts, who
decided to go it alone to land the near £5.5 million Scoop6 fortune on his
Yet the pair shook hands and wished each other well over a glass of
champagne in a box overlooking the finish line at York – where Top Boy at
10-1 ridden by Adam McLean, 22, won the big sprint and bumper bonus for
Bernard - who had landed £1.3 million with six winners the previous
Bernard, who has now won an estimated £20 million in Tote bet pools and set
up his own football betting pool Colossus, said: ‘We tried to get everyone
to collude all week.
‘In the end there was my ticket and two other syndicates, but we never heard
from Craig the binman.
‘It’s the biggest ever pool win for us, but we were down on the series until
this. I have won a £1 million a couple of times previously, but sports pool
bets are the most exciting betting products out there.
‘Instead of winning £1.8 million today I’d have been happy with £1.3 million
and Craig could have doubled his winnings from last week and he managed that
for just £2.’
Magnanimous Craig, who welcomed Bernard into the Tote box after his win and
plans to go back to work bin cleaning on Monday, said: ‘Good luck to
‘I have enjoyed every minute. It’s been absolutely brilliant and for a few
seconds it looked like my pick Tumblewind had a great chance.
‘But I’d backed the winner too many times on the all weather without
winning, so I’d never have picked it. They did well and we’re all happy.’
Sports mad dad Bernard Marantelli is now offering prizes of £10 million
every week to soccer punters via his website during the
World Cup.
The London-based father-of-one graduated with First Class honours in
Biochemistry and worked in the biotech field for several years, before
completing an MBA at London Business School and trading equity derivatives
for four years at Deutsche Bank.
At the same time Bernard was also punting as a hobby and quickly cottoned on
to pool bets and applied his purely mathematical approach to profit.
After reading articles about the mathematics involved in landing the pool
with perms Bernard embarked on a sensational winning spree as a hobby having
set up computerised ‘robots’ to place his winning bets.
His biggest rewards came harvesting millions on the Tote Scoop6 and Jackpot
and shrewd Bernard holds the record as the only punter to ever land win and
bonus funds three times in succession.
The previous record Tote dividend was £3,184,369 won by the Scoop6 Squirrel,
aka Richard Brocklebank, who now runs an online syndicate at and was landed when Russian Trigger won the
Midlands Grand National at Uttoxeter in March 2009.
Brocklebank, 48, from Hyde, Cheshire, said: ‘I wish Bernard well he is a fantastic
gambler and did tremendously well to land the bonus with Top Boy.
‘It’s fantastic that Tote boss Fred Done has breathed new life into the
world’s best bet as lottery sized wins are what pool bets should be about.
‘It’s already been life-changing for bin cleaner Craig, but most of us would
have thought it wheely great if he’d had a share of that bonus.’
Speaking on Channel 4's racing programme after riding the winner jockey
McLean said: 'I had no idea there was a ticket for £5 million riding on the

One ticket scoops £5.4m bonus fund

One ticket-holder has scooped more than £5m after picking the winner of this afternoon’s totescoop6 bonus race at York.

The winning ticket belongs to syndicate organiser and Collosus Bets chief executive Bernard Marantelli, who will split the £5,481,763 pot with two other bonus hunters after colluding to maximise their chances of hitting the jackpot.

The successful ticket was the only one on Top Boy, who got up in the shadow of the post to deny the uncovered Body And Soul and empty the bonus fund for the first time since August 31 last year.

Craig Brazier, the 39 year old wheelie bin cleaner, who became a millionaire last Saturday after betting just £2 on the Scoop6 selected Tumblewind.  The four-year-old was leading going into the final two furlongs but faded badly to finish 11th.

Marentelli said: “I’m delighted – it’s my biggest ever pool win.  I was behind on this series of rollovers, but I’m happy to say I’m well in front now.

“It’s great to see lottery sized pools on racing and it proves the public will get involved when they can win big.

“I think Fred has done a great job getting the pools to these levels and I’m looking forward to the next big rollover.”

Totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: “It’s been a nine month journey to this point and we’re delighted the bonus has been landed.

“Hats off to Bernard and his team for picking the winner – they have pumped plenty of money into the pools over the last few weeks and we’re pleased they’ve got their heads in front.”

Punters were out of luck in the chase for the win fund after 25/1 outsider De Rigeur claimed the final leg at Newmarket to trigger a £174,192 rollover to next weekend.

A total of £497,694 was bet into this afternoon’s pools and there were just 20 winners of the place fund, which paid a whopping £4,976.

totescoop6 dividends – 31/05/2014

Win:Not won

Bonus: £5,481,763 – one winner

Place: £4,976.90 – 20 winners

totescoop6 rollovers – 31/05/2014

Win: £174,192

totescoop6 leg breakdown – 31/05/2014

After Leg 1 – 2:05 Haydock: Sultanina – 19,167

After Leg 2 – 2:20 York: Clever Cookie/Ralston Road (dead heat) – 7,673

After Leg 3 – 2:50 York: Top Boy – 630

After Leg 4 – 3:00 Newmarket: Rene Mathis – 151

After Leg 5 – 3:25 York: Wadi Al Hattawi – 2

After Leg 6 – 3:35 Newmarket: De Rigeur – 0

Chat with Chatez for £2 winner

BIN CLEANER Craig Brazier – who won £1,342,559 when Chatez romped to glory in the final leg of a record-breaking £10 million Scoop6 – met the racehorse that made him a millionaire yesterday.

Craig, 39, and his partner Tracy, 42, visited trainer Alan King’s Barbury Castle stables to meet 7-1 winner Chatez that landed them a fortune and gives them a shot at a further bonus of £5,481,763 this weekend.

Already Craig’s win is totally life-changing and the couple plan to leave their two-up-two-down terraced home for a five bedroomed detached property.

 The win is around £1 million more than Craig and shop assistant Tracy’s lifetime earnings so far and the couple from Mansfield, Notts, plan to splash out on a Disney holiday to Florida with their daughters Jessica, 14 and Casey, eight.

Overjoyed on his visit to the trainer’s stables near Swindon, Wilts, Craig said: ‘I started bin cleaning in 1996 and I will carry on cleaning wheely bins as I do it part-time four days a week and enjoy the job.

‘I’ve been with Tracy since 1996 and up until this weekend she’s not been a fan of my gambling, but I also told her I’d have a big win.

‘I just cannot believe how big this is!

‘I’ve been doing a 50p each way Lucky 15 on four horses on a Saturday for years, but have only done the Scoop6 three times – the week before thisI got four winners.

‘But after I bought my fishing bait on Saturday I had £2 left and had another go – it’s the best two quid I have ever spent.

‘I was fishing with my club Mansfield Pescatorious on Sunday after the win, but I finished last as I’d netted my big win the day before and caught some sleep on the bank.

‘I could not breath when I realised I won the money – I was jumping round the living room and dropped to my knees in shock when it won.

‘Tracy was dozing off on the sofa and even though I was into the last leg with five winners already she said “you’re not lucky enough” to win that.

‘I put the race on the big TV and I woke her up watching the last race and screaming he’s won it.

‘I just love being given the opportunity to pat the horse that made me a millionaire and my daughters want me to give him a J2O as he’d need it after his run.

‘I am now looking into owning a horse with Alan King – who was my favourite trainer even before this happened.

‘I’ve no plans for a new car as I got a 2010 Ford Galaxy just seven weeks ago, but the number one plan is to buy a five bedroomed detached house and we can get one of those in Mansfield for anywhere between £230,000 to £280,000.

‘Then we plan the holiday of a lifetime to Disneyland in Florida – we usually go camping in Norfolk, Scarborough or the Isle of Wight.

‘My biggest win before this was six years ago on New Year’s Day when my 50p each way Lucky 15 bet won £2,400 when I was at my local course Southwell with Casey.’

Laughing Tracy added: ‘I’ve been all against him and his horses since he started betting.

‘And even if he wins the bonus I will still moan at him, because he’s losing the money we’ve won.

‘But it was exciting and the little one Casey always goes the races with him, so they’ll carry on doing that.

‘We never do the National Lottery and we know now that the Scoop6 is much better value for money.’

Jockey Fergus Sweeney, who rode the winner, was there along with Betfred boss Fred Done, who presented Craig with his bumper cheque that makes him one of the biggest ever winners in a British bookies shop.

Fred said: ‘It is tremendous to hand over the cash – for  Craig this is a dream come and he could add a further £5 million plus to his haul this weekend.

‘I’d love him to do that and making millionaires is what the Scoop6 is all about.

‘It’s the best bet on the planet and Craig and Tracy are living proof of the life-changing sums that can be won for just £2.’

Scoop6 creates eight millionaires

Eight punters are celebrating this evening after becoming millionaires when Chatez won the final leg of this afternoon’s colossal £16m Scoop6.

A rollercoaster afternoon began with 16/1 outsider Bear Behind eliminating nearly 96 percent of the ticket pool in the first leg.  The remaining 238,627 tickets were whittled down to 122 going into the final leg, where Fergus Sweeney guided home the millionaire-making Chatez to win by half-a-length.

Each ticket holder collects £1,342,599 and will play for a further £5,481,763 in the bonus race next Saturday.

Early indications are three of the winners are betting shop punters, of which one is a £2 Betfred shop punter and means they eclipse Stuart Boland as Britain’s biggest individual betting shop winner.

Where the other winning bets were placed and the bookmakers in question remain unknown at this stage.

Betfred boss Fred Done said: “In recent weeks I’ve done the conga when the Scoop6 has rolled.  Tonight I’m dancing with joy after making eight millionaires.

“That’s what the Scoop6 is all about.  I can’t wait to meet them all next weekend when I take them racing.  I wish them the best of luck going for the monster £5.5m bonus fund.”

A record-shattering £11,047,002 was staked on the Scoop6 today, which is an increase of just under £4.5m on last weekend.

There were 7327 winners of the place dividend, which paid £301.50.

totescoop6 dividends – 24/05/2014

Win:£1,342,599.50 – eight winners

Place: £301.50 – 7,327 winners

totescoop6 rollovers – 24/05/2014

Bonus: £5,481,763

totescoop6 leg breakdown – 24/05/2014

After Leg 1 – 2:05 Haydock: Bear Behind – 238,627

After Leg 2 – 2:50 Catterick: Conry – 21,682

After Leg 3 – 2:55 Goodwood: Wee Jean – 2,162

After Leg 4 – 3:10 Haydock: Joyeuse – 646

After Leg 5 – 3:25 Catterick: Jonny Cavagin – 122

After Leg 6 – 3:45 Haydock: Chatez – 8

Mind-blowing £15m Scoop6 legs unveiled

This Saturday’s totescoop6 will see the biggest ever betting prize offered on a British racecourse when the pools are expected to exceed £15m.

The six races that make up this momentous bet have been split between Catterick, Goodwood and Haydock.

The win fund currently stands at £6,874,345 having evaded punters for 12 weeks, whilst the bonus pot is worth £3,824,712 after rolling over for the best part of nine months.

The bet’s organisers totepool are predicting £10m will be staked by punters by the time the first leg goes off at 2:05, which would see the win fund hit £10m and the bonus surpass £5m.

Thousands of first time players are expected to throw their hat into the ring after the Scoop6 drew nationwide attention when £8 Ladbrokes punter Joe McGuire narrowly missed out on a £6.8m payout in a gripping final leg at Thirsk last weekend.

Joe will be in attendance at Haydock as a guest of Betfred boss Fred Done, who has generously offered him a free £1000 crack at this weekend’s Scoop6.

With such a vast amount of money up for grabs there is a genuine chance tomorrow’s Scoop6 could create the biggest winner in British betting history.  The existing record holder is Stuart Boland, who pocketed a whopping £1,132,657 in a Betfred shop on the Scoop6 in November 2004.

Betfred boss Fred Done said: "When I first bought the Tote these were the days I was dreaming of – a bet that could capture the attention of the whole country and not just the racing world.  

“The bet is now bigger than the National Lottery and a real life changing sum, it's the reason the bet was first introduced.  I want the Scoop6 to make millionaires."

Totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths added: “It promises to be a spectacular day not only for punters, but for racing as a whole.

“The build-up has had a Grand National feel to it and we expect many first time players will make a beeline for their local betting shop to place their £2 bet tomorrow morning.

“We're all hoping for a fairytale ending, which would see us create the biggest winner in British betting history.”

Betfred currently offer 2/5 that the Scoop6 will finally be won and 7/4 that it rolls over once again.

The totejackpot is at Haydock on Saturday, while the totetrifecta rollover race will be the Betfred Mobile Casino Silver Bowl Stakes (3:45 Haydock).

24th May totescoop6 win fund to be won – Betfred bet: 2/5 Yes, 7/4 No.

totescoop6 races – 24/05/2014

Leg 1: 2:05 Haydock

Leg 2: 2:50 Catterick

Leg 3: 2:55 Goodwood

Leg 4: 3:10 Haydock

Leg 5: 3:25 Catterick

Leg 6: 3:45 Haydock

totescoop6 rollovers – 24/05/2014

Win: £6,874,345

Bonus: £3,824,712

Combined: £10,699,057

totejackpot – 24/05/2014


totetrifecta rollover race – 24/05/2014

3:45 Haydock  

totejackpot – 25/05/2014


Scoop6 Super Club backs charity champions

Scoop6 Super Club has a mountain to climb this coming weekend in a bid for a £14 million monster bet, but we're backing six big-hearted blokes the Wednesday after on a real mountainous charity challenge.

The Twin Peakers - from Merseyside - are completing the three highest mountains in the UK back to back in 24 hours for Breast Cancer Care in the middle of next week.

We all know people touched by cancer and those living with it have mountains to climb every day - we'd urge members to give a quid or a fiver or whatever you can afford.

The chaps doing the three peaks challenge can accept donations straight to Breast Cancer Care via their page

They make the very correct point that most of us will have a loved one or a friend hit by the disease and giving support is a good thing and Breast Cancer Care do a top job and they are also supporting the work of the Walton Neuro Centre.

The Spider has spun some dough from his web, the Squirrel is planning to shell out some nuts from his drey as he climbed Scafell Pike when he was a schoolboy and reckons one mountain can be tough enough and Aggie has the Scottish connection to ensure a donation for the Ben Nevis part of the expedition.

A previous winning syndicate we were involved with was blessed with a £3 million windfall and a portion of the stakes went to the, so giving is good. Top TV presenter Derek Thompson gave Thomas and his charity a mention on Channel 4 racing - let's hope Tanya Stevenson can encourage punters to put aside a few quid from their weekend winnings to charity during this week's Scoop6.

Good luck to Lee Wilkinson, Stephen Bolton, Mark Drew, Pat McNamara and the two Kevins - Teasdale and Quayle - on their expedition.

And remember click on this link to donate:


Two betting shop punters miss out on £10.7m Scoop6

It was the ultimate case of close, but no cigar for two betting shop punters who made it through to the final leg of this afternoon’s £10.7m Scoop6.

A £8 Ladbrokes customer was double handed in the finale, with Escape To Glory and Justonefortheroad carrying their hopes at Thirsk, whilst a £2 straight line punter in Ireland relied on the Kevin Ryan-trained Capaill Liath.

It was the Ladbrokes punter who came closest to landing the monster £6.8m win fund as eventual runner-up Escape To Glory was unable to reel in Llanarmon Lad, whose victory has set up a spectacular £15m Scoop6 next weekend.

Totepoolwent into today expecting to see record turnover on the bet and they were proved correct as a staggering £6,569,058 was pumped into the pools.

This means the win fund will open up at £6,874,345 next Saturday, with the bonus pot now standing at an all-time high of £3,824,712.

totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: "The atmosphere today both on and off the track surrounding the Scoop6 was electric and something none of us associated with this amazing bet has ever previously enjoyed.

"We were all cheering the three horses left in the last leg at full volume and it’s almost certain that we will have a £15m bet next week for punters to get their teeth into."

There were 765 winners of the place fund, which returned a dividend of £1,717.40.

totescoop6 dividends – 17/05/2014

Win:No winners

Place: £1,717.40 – 765 winners

totescoop6 rollovers – 17/05/2014

Win: £6,874,346

Bonus: £3,824,712

Combined: £10,699,058

totescoop6 leg breakdown – 17/05/2014

After Leg 1 – 1:45 Newmarket: Front Page News – 96,188

After Leg 2 – 2:40 Newbury: Chil The Kite – 7,865

After Leg 3 – 2:55 Newmarket: Coultsy – 283

After Leg 4 – 3:25 Thirsk: Tumblewind – 41

After Leg 5 – 3:30 Newmarket: Eastern Impact – 3

After Leg 6 – 4:00 Thirsk: Llanarmon Lad – 0

Astronomical £10m Scoop6 legs revealed

The races that will make up this weekend’s astronomical £10m totescoop6 have been revealed, with the six legs split between Newbury, Newmarket and Thirsk.

The Rowley Mile will host the lion’s share of the bet, with three contests coming from HQ.  Two legs including the finale will take place at Thirsk, with the remaining leg run at Newbury  

The win fund currently stands at a colossal £4,575,175, with the bonus pot holding £2,839,354.

A record-breaking £5m is predicted to be wagered by Scoop6 punters tomorrow, which will see the win pool soar to £6.5m and the bonus pot hit £3.5m.

Four of the six races will be shown on terrestrial television after Channel 4 announced they have added the final leg from Thirsk to their running order.  A recording of the opening leg will also broadcast ahead of the second leg at Newbury.

Betfred are betting on the Scoop6 being won this weekend and currently bet 4/9 – yes and 13/8 – no.

Totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: “The Scoop6 has produced extraordinary drama week after week and we’re braced for more excitement tomorrow.

“It’s the bet everyone is talking about and we’re expecting a betting bonanza as punters set their sights on the monster £10m pot.

“The puzzle we’ve set appears slightly more straightforward than recent weeks and we have our fingers crossed we can finally find a winner.”

Betfred boss Fred Done added: “I would like to thank Carl Hicks and his team at Channel 4 for agreeing to show the 4.00 from Thirsk live if the Scoop6 is still going.  

“Carl Hicks has really pulled some strings and it’s great that this possible life changing race is now live on terrestrial TV.

“I can’t wait to watch the Channel 4 coverage, it’s great for racing, and I hope on Saturday afternoon we are creating millionaires.”

The totejackpot is at Newbury on Saturday, while the totetrifecta rollover race will be the Betfred Astronomical £10 Million Scoop6 Today Handicap (2:40 Newbury).

17th May totescoop6 win fund to be won – Betfred bet: 4/9 Yes, 13/8 No.

totescoop6 races –17/05/2014

Leg 1: 1:45 Newmarket

Leg 2: 2:40 Newbury

Leg 3: 2:55 Newmarket

Leg 4: 3:25 Thirsk

Leg 5: 3:30 Newmarket

Leg 6: 4:00 Thirsk

totescoop6 rollovers – 17/05/2014

Win: £4,575,175

Bonus: £2,839,354

Combined: £7,414,529

totejackpot – 17/05/2014


totetrifecta rollover race – 17/05/2014

2:40 Newbury

totejackpot – 18/05/2014


Record-breaking membership figure for Scoop6 Super Club as we chase £10 million

Only just over 24 hours after opening the fresh Scoop6 Super Club series and we have more than 1,200 memberships in place between the two syndicates.

This means we should smash the last series record of 2,428 memberships and will also mean we have more funds in place for a bigger go at the history-making pots on offer.

Currently, the split is about 50/50 with equal levels of sign up on both syndicates....we would expect that the split between the two syndicates develops as the week goes on as many members are expressing interest in adidtional shares to the £10 Million Blockbuster Bet syndicate.

We will advise members of the percentage each syndicate has in the weekend perm on Saturday, but with £10 million expected on the table the returns no matter how small each individual's share is should still amount to a fair win and a place in punting history for the Scoop6 Super Club.

In the words of Fred Pontin 'Book Early.' 

Ballyglasheen tees up astronomical £10m Scoop6

There will be a £10m totescoop6 next weekend after Ballyglasheen stayed on dourly to win the Pertemps Network Handicap Hurdle at Haydock.

The Evan Williams-trained four-year-old was the solitary uncovered horse in the race and eliminated the last 207 tickets in one swoop.

Turnover was once again incredibly strong, with a remarkable £3,653,178 – up £225,464 on last weekend – invested by Scoop6 punters in the hope of becoming an instant multi-millionaire

The rollover is the tenth on the bounce and means punters can set their sights on a win fund of £4,575,175 and a bonus fund of £2,839,354 at the start of business next Saturday.

Totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: “The totescoop6 never ceases to amaze.

“Ballyglasheen was the only horse not covered in the fifth leg and he spoiled the party in spectacular fashion.

“It all adds up to an astronomical £10m Scoop6 next weekend.”

totescoop6 dividends – 10/05/2014

Win:No winners

Place: £1,065 – 686 winners

totescoop6 rollovers – 10/05/2014

Win: £4,575,175

Bonus: £2,839,354

Combined: £7,414,529

totescoop6 leg breakdown – 03/05/2014

After Leg 1 – 1:50 Haydock: Broadway Buffalo – 191,878

After Leg 2 – 2:20 Lingfield: Honor Bound – 9,238

After Leg 3 – 2:40 Ascot: Gatewood – 1,348

After Leg 4 – 2:45 Nottingham: Taurus Twins – 207

After Leg 5 – 3:30 Haydock: Ballyglasheen – 0

After Leg 6 – 3:50 Ascot: Gabriel’s Lad – 0

Victoria Cup tops £7.5m Scoop6 line-up

The 29-runner totepool Victoria Cup will be the climax of this weekend’s monumental totescoop6, where a single winner could walk away with £7.5m.

In order to reach the finale, Scoop6 punters will have to plot a path through the preceding five legs which include races from Ascot, Haydock, Lingfield and Nottingham.

The combined Scoop6 pools stand at an all-time high, with the win fund alone holding £3,296,563 and the bonus pot creaking at £2,291,377 having not been landed for ten months.

The bet’s organisers totepool predict a whopping £4m will be staked by punters tomorrow, bumping the win fund up to £4.5m and the bonus towards £3m.

Totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: “The Scoop6 will break new ground this weekend, with the pools set to hit an astonishing £7.5m.

“It’s incredibly exciting and we’re looking forward to another rollercoaster afternoon on Saturday.

“The bet has proved too tough for punters of late, but we really hope someone, somewhere can pull something out of the hat and hit the jackpot.”

Betfred make it 8/11 that the win fund will be scooped tomorrow, with the rollover even money.

The totejackpot will be at Ascot on Saturday, while the totetrifecta rollover race will be the Pertemps Network Handicap Hurdle (3:30 Haydock).

10th May totescoop6 win fund to be won – Betfred bet: 8/11 Yes, Evs No.

totescoop6 races – 10/05/2014

Leg 1: 1:50 Haydock

Leg 2: 2:20 Lingfield

Leg 3: 2:40 Ascot

Leg 4: 2:45 Nottingham

Leg 5: 3:30 Haydock

Leg 6: 3:50 Ascot

totescoop6 rollovers – 10/05/2014

Win: £3,296,563

Bonus: £2,291,377

Combined: £5,587,940

totejackpot – 10/05/2014


totetrifecta rollover race – 10/05/2014

3:30 Haydock

totejackpot –11/05/2014


Anticipation builds ahead of £5m Scoop6

Anticipation is building ahead of this afternoon’s monster £5m totescoop6 and the Scoop6 Super Club will be going large - the details will be posted about 10 minutes ahead of the first race on the Club Picks page for members of this series only..

Punters across the land will have their head in the form book this morning as they try to unpick the six races that stand between them and a multi-million pound payout.

The opening leg is the 2:05 at Newmarket, where Bold Sniper and Niceofyoutotellme look sure to feature in plenty of perms as they have attracted the lion’s share of market support this morning.

Other horses to be well backed in the remaining legs include Sole Power in the second, Music In The Rain in the third, Off Art in the fifth and War Command in the decider.

The bet’s organisers expect punters to plough around £2m in the pools this afternoon, which would see the dividend for a single £2 winning ticket hit £2.9m and the bonus reach £2.1m. 

Betfred currently bet 4/11 that the bet will be won today and 2/1 it goes begging.  The most significant bet taken this morning has been £12,000 on a rollover.

Totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: “The pools are bubbling up nicely, but things will start to get really interesting in the hour leading up to the first leg.  That’s when the big boys will get involved and send the pools spiralling towards the £5m mark.

“The bet looks far more manageable than last weekend and frankly we’ll be rather surprised if we don’t find a winner this afternoon.”

3rd May totescoop6 win fund to be won – Betfred bet: 4/11 Yes, 2 No.

totescoop6 races – 03/05/2014

Leg 1: 2:05 Newmarket

Leg 2: 2:40 Newmarket

Leg 3: 3:00 Thirsk

Leg 4: 3:30 Goodwood

Leg 5: 3:40 Thirsk

Leg 6: 3:50 Newmarket

totescoop6 pools – 03/05/2014 (accurate at 11:45am Saturday)

Win: £2,327,479

Bonus: £1,880,341

Combined: £4,207,820


Final Scoop6 ticket struck down by Thunder

There was an unbelievable conclusion to this afternoon’s monster totescoop6 as 40/1 outsider Night Of Thunder eliminated the one remaining ticket in the QIPCO 2000 Guineas.

The final ticket-holder plumped for Noozhoh Canarias in the decider and had a great run for their money as the Spanish raider led going into the final furlong on the far rail.

The shock result sets up the mouth-watering prospect of a £7.5m Scoop6 next Saturday, the likes of which has never been seen in Scoop6 history.

An incredible £3,427,714 was ploughed into this afternoon’s pools by punters across the country, which leaves a total of £3,296,563 in the win fund and £2,291,377 in the bonus.

Totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: “It was a rollercoaster afternoon and you have to feel for the final ticket-holder, who was within touching distance of a life-changing win. 

“Night Of Thunder was almost impossible to fancy and his victory has set up a potential £7.5m Scoop6 next week.

“Turnover has been staggeringly good of late and we’ll keep riding the wave into next weekend.”

There were 750 winners of the place dividend which returned £914.

totescoop6 dividends – 03/05/2014

Win:No winners

Place: £914 – 750 winners

totescoop6 rollovers – 03/05/2014

Win: £3,296,563

Bonus: £2,291,377

totescoop6 leg breakdown – 03/05/2014

After Leg 1 – 2:05 Newmarket: Niceofyoutotellme – 119,999

After Leg 2 – 2:40 Newmarket: Sole Power – 40,459

After Leg 3 – 3:00 Thirsk: Ruwaiyan – 1,318

After Leg 4 – 3:30 Goodwood: Pandar – 13

After Leg 5 – 3:40 Thirsk: Fort Bastion – 1

After Leg 6 – 3:50 Newmarket: Night Of Thunder – 0

Guineas climax to monster £5m Scoop6

The opening classic of the flat season, the QIPCO 2000 Guineas at Newmarket, has been selected as the final leg of this weekend’s monster £5m totescoop6.

Kingman heads the betting at 13/8 with Betfred and looks a potential banker for punters wishing to cover additional runners earlier in the afternoon.

The remaining five legs are all on the level, with another two races from HQ, two from Thirsk and one from Goodwood.

A total of £2,096,863 – the biggest pool in the bet’s history – currently lines the win pot, while the bonus fund stands at £1,777,220. 

Scoop6 organisers totepool anticipate somewhere in the region of £2m will be invested into the pools tomorrow, catapulting the win fund towards £2.9m and the bonus up to £2.1m.   

Betfred made the bet odds-on to be landed last Saturday and it’s more of the same this weekend, with the win fund4/9 to be scooped and 13/8 to rollover.   

Totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: “The 2000 Guineas is a fitting finale to what will be the biggest Scoop6 ever.  Kingman will feature on the vast majority of perms and his performance may well make or break punters’ hopes of Scoop6 glory.” 

3rd May totescoop6 win fund to be won – Betfred bet: 4/9 Yes, 13/8 No.

totescoop6 races – 03/05/2014

Leg 1: 2:05 Newmarket

Leg 2: 2:40 Newmarket

Leg 3: 3:00 Thirsk

Leg 4: 3:30 Goodwood

Leg 5: 3:40 Thirsk

Leg 6: 3:50 Newmarket

totescoop6 rollovers – 03/05/2014

Win: £2,096,863

Bonus: £1,777,220

Combined: £3,874,083

totejackpot – 03/05/2014


 totejackpot – 04/05/2014


Scoop6 Super Club memberships hit record level

A record-breaking number of memberships are in the current series at Scoop6 Super Club - which matches the history making £5 million Scoop6 we'll be aiming to win next weekend.

Our previous highest number of memberships was 857 in the last series, but with the rollovers running on to enormous levels we now have 2,428 memberships in this current series.

Many of our members have increased their share in the club by purchasing extra memberships, as per our panel of experts advice, and that is a good way to maintain your proportion of the returns.

With £5 million-plus likely to be on the table this coming Guineas weekend - our experts are very glad that they spent less than 10 per cent on the most recent 'Mission Impossible' Scoop6 that rolled despite more than £1.6 million being invested on the day.

We hope new members attracted to the club after yesterday's page three article featuring the Scoop6 Squirrel in the Racing Post will be winning with us for months to come. It was not the best of starts, but it was not the easiest of days and that was why the funds were held back.

The clever money is on the Scoop6 being won this series, so those who have joined in we're hoping will enjoy the ride in the remaining three weeks with us. Here's to a winning May and maybe some fresh millions in the club coffers with a little luck and a lot of serious planning.  

History making £5m Scoop6 on the horizon

The totescoop6 rolled over for the ninth successive Saturday after Angel Gabrial flew home to win the penultimate leg at Ripon.

The combined pools stood at £3,874,083 when the first leg went off making this weekend’s bet the most valuable in Scoop6 history.

The final 16 tickets were eliminated by Angel Gabrial, who triggered a rollover of £2,096,863 in the win pot and £1,777,220 in the bonus.

Early estimates are next weekend’s Scoop6 pools will hit £5m for the first time since the bet was launched on the 24th July 1999.

Totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: “The Scoop6 continues to get bigger and bigger, with punters pumping more than £1.6m into today’s pools. 

“It looked odds-on to be won considering the huge investment, but Dispour dealt punters an early blow and they never bounced back. 

“History will be made next weekend when the Scoop6 pools are expected to hit£5m.”

A whopping £1,624,614 was bet into this afternoon’s pools and there were 440 winners of the place fund which returned £738.40.

totescoop6 dividends – 26/04/2014

Win:Not won

Place: £738.40 – 440 winners

totescoop6 rollovers – 26/04/2014

Win: £2,096,863

Bonus: £1,777,220

totescoop6 leg breakdown – 26/04/2014

After Leg 1 – 2:05 Sandown: Dispour – 35,836

After Leg 2 – 2:20 Haydock: Glen Moss – 4,461

After Leg 3 – 2:50 Ripon: Fast Shot – 188

After Leg 4 – 3:25 Haydock: Yourartisonfire – 16

After Leg 5 – 3:30 Ripon: Angel Gabrial – 0

After Leg 6 – 3:50 Sandown: Hadrian’s Approach – 0

Which ones the nuttier? As UKIP leader Nigel Farage comes face-to-face with a 6ft tall native Red Squirrel

TWO WORLDS collided when Nigel Farage on the EU elections campaign trail came face-to-face with the 6ft tall Scoop6 Squirrel forraging for new members for his on-line gambling syndicate.

UKIP leader Farage, 50, was on the streets of Wilmslow, Cheshire, when he bumped into zany punter Richard Brocklebank, 47, dressed as the Scoop6 Squirrel to recruit members to his, which aims to win this weekend’s record-breaking £4 million televised TV bet the Tote Scoop6.

With a slightly puzzled look initially and then a beaming smile Mr Farage extended his hand and told the Scoop6 Squirrel: ‘I know all about gambling.’

Posing for pictures, with passing pedestrians scratching their heads, Farage wished the Scoop6 Squirrel well in his punting and the furry fellow promised to buy the beer-drinking party leader a pint if he wins.

Onlookers were stunned as the giant Scoop6 Squirrel, wearing an England shirt, approached the party political leader, but unfazed Farage shook the Squirrel’s hand and wished him good luck in his bid for £4 million today (Saturday).

Brocklebank, aka Scoop6 Squirrel, was on the streets as the pools in the TV bet are set to hit record-breaking levels and was signing up new members for a massive people’s perm aimed at winning the bet. He said after the meeting: ‘You don’t have to be nuts to join Nigel’s party, but perhaps it helps.

‘He came across very well, most people spotting a near seven foot tall Squirrel in the street might run a mile.

‘But I suppose I was dressed as the traditional British Red Squirrel – not as the North American Grey variety that is taking jobs off our true native born squirrels.

‘We have lots of members of our on-line syndicate in Scotland, next thing you know the Scottish National Party will be signing up to our syndicate to get extra funds to buy votes for their independence campaign.

‘Punting and politics don’t generally mix, but members of all parties are among our on-line syndicate....if we crack this weekend’s record-breaking Scoop6 it could even help David Cameron and Nick Clegg with their campaigns, but I suppose as I am a red Squirrel I should be offering a bit of assistance to Ed Miliband and Labour.

‘Once you start mixing squirrels with politics some might say that’s the first step towards madness....on a personal level I think they are all nuts.

‘Perhaps, if we win this weekend’s Scoop6 I can stand for the Save Our Squirrel party. People would be nuts not to vote for me and join up on-line. I don’t want four million members, just this weekend’s £4 million quid.

‘Though a place on the Brussels gravy train for a British Red Squirrel could see those all important EU funds diverted to our nation’s woodlands to help endangered species. Saving small furry creatures could be a campaign slogan, though I’m not sure if UKIP’s Mr Farage would be covered by that description.

‘I will keep my promise and buy him a pint if we win as any gambler knows you have got to be as good as your word....something politicians would do well to adhere to.’

In his guise as the Scoop6 Squirrel father-of-two Brocklebank, from Hyde, Cheshire, has won more than £10 million in pool betting jackpots and Scoop6 win and bonus funds with his syndicates – including many of the record Totepool sums among them the biggest ever bonus dividend of £3.1 million in March 2009 that he then split with 14 other ticket holders.

His new website venture has seen him team up with Britain’s most successful female gambler Agnes Haddock, who won £688,000 for two quid on the Scoop6, to help other small punters win a share in a fortune and they offer memberships in their club to over 18s at £20-per-four-week series.

Of her chum’s meeting with Mr Farage, former ironing lady Agnes, of Northwich, Cheshire, said: ‘I know which one I’d like to see running the country.

‘But I am glad Mr Farage knows all about gambling – we’d be happy to have him join our online syndicate to win this weekend’s bumper pots.

‘I’ve seen the Scoop6 Squirrel in action and he’s a smooth operator – I’d love to see him stepping out of the doorway at 10 Downing Street. He wants to spread warmth and winnings around the nation – it would be good if the Government were as big-hearted towards the electorate. The Scoop6 Squirrel has the feelgood factor.’

£1.5m Scoop6 on the cards as Brave Vic scuppers bonus bid

There was no fairytale ending for the Scoop6 bonus hunter hoping to become a millionaire at Sandown this afternoon.

The anonymous £2 punter, who was bidding to land a further £878,564 after pocketing £411,959 last weekend, plumped for Brother Brian in the bonus race who finished fourth behind 20/1 winner Brave Vic.

This means the bonus fund will hold £911,622 at the start of play next Saturday, whilst the win fund will build from £77,135 after Gaillimh A Chroi triggered a rollover in the final leg.

Totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: “It would have taken a brave man to pick a 20/1 shot in the bonus race. Brave Vic’s unexpected victory has set up a potential £1.5m Scoop6 next weekend.”

A total of £220,388 was bet into this afternoon’s pools and there were 218 winners of the place fund which returned £202.10.

The Friday Scoop6 was done and dusted in the fourth leg after Villa Royale knocked out the last six tickets.

The win fund will remain guaranteed at £25,000 next week, whilst the bonus fund has grown to £93,837.

There were 33 winners of the £66.70 place dividend.

totescoop6 dividends – 08/03/2014

Win:Not won

Bonus: Not won

Place: £202.10 – 218 winners

totescoop6 rollovers – 08/03/2014

Win: £77,135

Bonus: £911,622

totescoop6 leg breakdown – 08/03/2014

After Leg 1 – 2:05 Sandown: Brave Vic – 998

After Leg 2 – 2:20 Wolverhampton: Chookie Royale – 180

After Leg 3 – 2:40 Sandown: Chartreux – 21

After Leg 4 – 2:55 Wolverhampton: Whispering Warrior – 2

After Leg 5 – 3:15 Sandown: Baltimore Rock – 1

After Leg 6 – 3:50 Sandown: Gaillimh A Chroi – 0

Friday totescoop6 dividends – 07/03/2014

Win:Not won

Place: £66.70 – 33 winners

Friday totescoop6 rollovers – 07/03/2014

Win: £25,000 - guaranteed

Bonus: £93,837

Friday totescoop6 leg breakdown – 07/03/2014

After Leg 1 – 6:45 Dundalk: Boughtforasong – 358

After Leg 2 – 7:00 Wolverhamton: The Bay Bandit – 21

After Leg 3 – 7:15 Dundalk: Fix It – 6

After Leg 4 – 7:30 Wolverhampton: Villa Royale – 0

After Leg 5 – 8:15 Dundalk: Dancing Cosmos – 0

After Leg 6 – 9:15 Dundalk: Aughnacurraveel – 0

£2 punter sets sights on £878,564 totescoop6 bonus fund

The totescoop6 could create its next millionaire tomorrow as last weekend’s winning punter sets his sights on the £878,564 bonus fund.

The anonymous bonus hunter, a man in his 60s, staked £2 in a Coral betting shop and collected £411,959 after being the only person to pick all six winners in last Saturday’s Scoop6.

He will take his haul to nearly £1.3m if he can select the victor of tomorrow’s bonus race.  Such a payout would make him one of the biggest single winners in betting shop history.

The race in question will be the 17-runner European Breeders’ Fund William Hill “National Hunt” Novices’ Handicap Hurdle Final at Sandown, where Doctor Harper could go off favourite in a wide open contest.

The man, from Nuneaton, is looking forward to Saturday saying: “I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to win such a life changing amount of money this weekend.  It’s what everyone who plays the Scoop6 dreams of.

“I’d like to thank everyone at Betfred and totepool for being so helpful, and also the other players who reached the final leg of the Scoop6 and have wished me luck in the bonus race.  I still can’t believe I was the only winner.

“If I go on to win this extra money, maybe a big holiday is on the cards.  I’m so happy I won so much last Saturday and it proves what a fantastic bet the Scoop6 continues to be.”  

Totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths added: “Tomorrow could be one of the biggest days in Scoop6 history and we’re looking forward to it.  It was a fantastic achievement to win more than £400,000 for just £2 and we hope our bonus hunter carries his good form into the bonus race.”

The Scoop6 win fund starts from scratch and takes in four races from Sandown and two all-weather contests from Wolverhampton.

The totejackpot is at Sandown tomorrow and the totetrifecta rollover race will be the European Breeders’ Fund William Hill “National Hunt” Novices’ Handicap Hurdle Final (2:05 Sandown).

totescoop6 races – 08/03/2014

Leg 1: 2:05 Sandown – bonus race

Leg 2: 2:20 Wolverhampton

Leg 3: 2:40 Sandown

Leg 4: 2:55 Wolverhampton

Leg 5: 3:15 Sandown

Leg 6: 3:50 Sandown

totescoop6 rollovers – 08/03/2014

Bonus: £878,564

totejackpot – 08/03/2014


totetrifecta rollover race – 08/03/2014

2:05 Sandown

totejackpot – 09/03/2014


£2 Betting Shop Punter Lands Massive Scoop6

 A £2 straight line placed in a betting shop has landed this week’s totescoop6.

There were six tickets going into the final leg but Headly’s Bridge winning the Greatwood Novices’ Limited Handicap Chase means one lucky punter is celebrating tonight after winning £412,961.

Totepool spokesman Mark Pearson said: “We are delighted a small staking punter has landed this life changing amount and if they can scoop the bonus next week it would take their winnings to £1,290,525 which would be a record for a British betting shop.”

The first betting shop millionaire was created in November 2004 when Stuart Boland won £1,132,657 when he placed his Scoop6 bet in a Betfred in Greater Manchester.

Mark Pearson added: “Let’s hope we are creating another betting shop millionaire and we’ll be giving them the VIP treatment at the races next weekend, we wish them the best of luck and hope they land the bonus.”

Turnover was a massive £631,450 and there were 126 winners of the place fund which paid £1,002.30


Saturday’s turnover £631,450

Win                             £411,959                        1 winner  

Place                          £1,002.30                        126 winners  

Bonus                        Not Won         rollover  £878,564 

Win Fund units left after leg 1        34,179

Win Fund units left after leg 2        4,558

Win Fund units left after leg 3        134

Win Fund units left after leg 4        41

Win Fund units left after leg 5        6



The combined funds for Saturday’s totescoop6 will be over one and a quarter million pounds.

The Win Fund has rolled for two weeks while the Bonus Fund has not been won for exactly six months.

Betfred boss Fred Done, who created Britain’s first betting shop millionaire when Stuart Boland from Cadishead, Greater Manchester, won the Scoop6 in October 2004, added: “The Scoop6 will smash the million pound barrier and I hope next Saturday I am writing a cheque for a life changing amount. A single winner will become the next Scoop6 millionaire.”

This week’s Scoop6 comprises of two races each from Newbury, Doncaster and Lingfield.

Saturday 1st March

totescoop6 races:       -             Doncaster         2.55
                                                Lingfield           3.25
                                                Doncaster         3.30
                                                Newbury           3.50
                                                Lingfield           4.00
                                                Newbury           4.25

Win Rollover                            £190,951

Bonus Fund Rollover                 £783,847

totejackpot Meeting     - Newbury      

totetrifecta rollover race      - Doncaster 3.30 - Race 4       


Incredibly this week’s totescoop6 rolled with the combined funds expected to reach over one and a quarter million next weekend.

Going into the final leg the BetBright Chase from Kempton Park they were 61 tickets left with only Jump City and the eventual winner Bally Legend not covered.

Totepool spokesman Mark Pearson said: “After Grey Mirage won Leg 4 there were 453 tickets remaining and it looked certain to be won. Wyck Hill winning the Betfred Eider Chase resulted in 61 tickets going through to the last leg but jockey Ian Popham’s win in the big race was certainly not legendary for the Scoop6 punters. Saturday’s favourite bet is going to be very big next weekend.”

A total of £286,574 was bet into the pool with 1810 winning tickets of the place fund who all picked up £31.60.

Saturday   22nd February  2014


Saturday’s turnover £286,574.00

Win                             Not Won          Rollover  £190,951.60

Place                          £31.60                       1810 winners                       

Bonus                        Not Won         rollover  £783,847.20

  Win Fund units left after leg 1        35,428

Win Fund units left after leg 2        19,357

Win Fund units left after leg 3        862

Win Fund units left after leg 4        453

Win Fund units left after leg 5        61



With Great Grandmother Geraldine Hughes missing out on the huge £702,010 bonus at Haydock Park last Saturday the combined funds in the totescoop6 will soar over a million pounds this weekend.

The bonus has not been won since the 31st August last year and currently stands at a massive £740,861.

Betfred boss Fred Done said: “With this huge bonus to chase the combined funds should easily smash through the million pounds barrier, The nation’s favourite Saturday bet is definitely a life changer.”

Solving this weekend’s Scoop6 means finding the winners of two races each from Lingfield, Kempton and Newcastle with the marathon of the Betfred Eider Chase amongst them.

Although Geraldine, who only staked £2, missed out on last week’s bonus she was over the moon at picking up an extra £100,000 simply by placing her bet in a Betfred shop.

Betfred boss Fred Done has decided to offer the same incentive this weekend. The £100,000 bonus would be added to any Scoop 6 winner who places their winning bet in a Betfred shop or on line at (This would be shared if there was more than one winner Betfred winner).

Fred, who created Britain’s first betting shop millionaire when Stuart Boland from Cadishead, Greater Manchester, won the Scoop6 in October 2004, added: ‘It would have been great if Geraldine had won because she was a terrific advert for the Scoop6 but she was delighted nevertheless after being presented with her cheque for £154,782 at Haydock. Let’s hope I’m writing another big cheque to a Scoop6 winner very soon and who knows it may just be you.”

Saturday 22nd February

totescoop 6 races:      -             Lingfield-     1.45
                                                Kempton -    2.05
                                                Newcastle -   2.20
                                                Lingfield -     2.50
                                                Newcastle -   2.55
                                                Kempton -     3.50   

Win fund rollover                       £90,650.70      

Bonus fund rollover                    £740,861.10

totejackpot Meeting     -           Kempton

totetrifecta rollover race      -      NewcastleRace 3 - 2.55– Betfred Eider Chase

totetrifecta races      -      a totetrifecta will operate on all races with 3 or more runners,at all UK and Irish meetings

Scoop6 bonus rolls over as Merry King is dethroned

Geraldine Hughes, the great-grandmother who pocketed £154,000 on the Scoop6 last weekend, was unsuccessful in her bid to land a further £702,010 in this afternoon’s bonus race.

Hughes, 67, from Hoylake in Merseyside, opted for Merry King in the big race, but AP McCoy’s mount was soon on the back foot after being interfered with by a faller and was eventually pulled up five fences from home.

This means £740,861 rolls over in the bonus, along with £90,650 in the win fund, which went down when Kaylif Aramis took the fifth leg at Ascot.

Despite missing out on the big bonus, Hughes was not too downbeat afterwards, saying: “I’ve had an unbelievable day.  Everyone has been so kind.

“ £154,000 is still life-changing and being a big Elvis fan I had to pick Merry King.

“I’m feeling all shook up, so I’m going to enjoy my £154,000 for just £2.  I want to thank Fred Done for his generosity and everyone at Haydock Park today for their hospitality.”

A total of £259,002 was bet into this afternoon’s pools and there were 37 winners of the £1,400 place dividend.

The one punter chasing the Friday totescoop6 bonus fund was out of luck last night after their selection trailed in last in the bonus race.

The win fund also rolled over meaning there will be around £125,000 up for grabs on next week’s bet.

There were ten winners of the place fund which paid £157.60.

totescoop6 dividends – 15/02/2014

Win:Not won

Bonus: Not won

Place: £1,400 – 37 winners

totescoop6 rollovers – 15/02/2014

Win: £90,650

Bonus: £740,861

totescoop6 leg breakdown – 15/02/2014

After Leg 1 – 1:45 Haydock: Abracadabra Sivola – 2,062

After Leg 2 – 2:05 Ascot: O’Faolains Boy – 142

After Leg 3 – 2:40 Ascot: Restless Harry – 16

After Leg 4 – 2:55 Haydock: Rigadin De Beauchene – 2

After Leg 5 – 3:15 Ascot: Kaylif Aramis – 0

After Leg 6 – 3:30 Haydock: Top Wood – 0

Friday totescoop6 dividends – 14/02/2014

Win:Not won

Place: £157.60 – 10 winners

Friday totescoop6 rollovers – 14/02/2014

Win: £25,000 - guaranteed

Bonus: £88,555

Friday totescoop6 leg breakdown – 14/02/2014

After Leg 1 – 5:05 Wolverhampton: Saffire Song – 770

After Leg 2 – 5:35 Wolverhampton: Tokyo Brown – 52

After Leg 3 – 6:05 Wolverhampton: Louis Vee – 35

After Leg 4 – 6:35 Wolverhampton: Blue Wave – 4

After Leg 5 – 7:45 Dundalk: Knock Stars – 0

After Leg 6 – 8:45 Dundalk: Regal Warrior – 0

Elvis has left the bonus

ELVIS fan Geraldine Hughes was all shook up by the reception she received at Haydock Park....despite her free bonus pick Merry King failing to make her £702,000 richer.

Grandmother-of-19 Geraldine Hughes used boys names and her brother Paddy’s lucky ginger hair to land a £2 Scoop6 that paid out £154,782 a week earlier, but wasn’t in Heartbreak Hotel after Merry King finished pulled up scuppering her FREE shot at £702,010.

Using the archetypal housewives technique of nice names for her six horses mum-of-six Geraldine landed the televised bet and now the bonus pool that has rolled since August 19th last year will be worth £750,000.

Liverpool fan and great grandmother-of-four Geraldine, 67, from Hoylake, Wirral, had woken the night before to a cover version of an Elvis track and that sealed the fate of her pick.

And the seven-year-old chestnut gelding trained by Jonjo O’Neill and ridden by champion jockey Tony McCoy powered through the Haydock Park mud until a faller in front of him stopped his challenge and 16-1 shot Rigadin De Beauchene landed the £42,712 prize in the Betfred Grand National Trial.

Geraldine, wearing a glittering outfit with shimmering accessories, took 39 members of her said: ‘It is unbelievable – I am all shook up at how well I’ve been treated.

‘The night before I heard the cover version and that was it I was picking Merry King.

‘I am a massive fan of Elvis and the horse has such a lovely name and I even got to meet jockey Tony McCoy and trainer Jonjo O’Neill – I am a racing fan and that is a priceless picture for my mantelpiece.

‘I haven’t really spent any of last week’s winnings, but I plan to let the kids, the grandkids and everyone have a little.

‘A £702,000 bonus would have gone a long, long way. It is absolutely astonishing that anyone can win so much money for just £2 and I’ll carry on doing the Scoop6..

‘The week before my biggest priced winner was Splash Of Ginge in the big race at Newbury at 33-1 and I only picked that as my brother Paddy had a lovely mop of red hair when he was a boy. He’s 76 now and it’s receding a bit, but that winner set me on the road to riches.

 ‘It has been fantastic and I’ve not been able to sleep since the win, but I’ll sleep tonight as I’ve been drinking Betfred’s champagne.

‘It was an unbelievable day out and what made it even more incredible was the week before when my husband Wally rang me the next day to tell me that I’d had a £100,000 bonus added to my win as we’d put the bet on with Betfred – he’d read about it in the Sunday paper.

 ‘I’m a big fan of Elvis, so he’s the king, but we’re not going to Memphis as we’re all off to Cyprus for my grandson Jake Painter’s wedding to his fiancé Rachel. It will be a great day in the sunshine later this year.’

Her husband Wally, 72, a retired electrician, added: ‘It was a bonus and what you don’t have you don’t miss. We have no idea how to spend last week’s winnings. It has been fantastic.’

Betfred boss Fred Done, who created Britain’s first betting shop millionaire when Stuart Boland from Cadishead, Greater Manchester, won the Scoop6 in October 2004, said: ‘Our biggest ever female Scoop6 winner was Agnes Haddock – who landed £688,620 after placing her £2 Scoop6 in the Betfred shop in Northwich, Cheshire, in February 2007.

‘It would have been great if Geraldine had taken her crown, but she has had a tremendous time and is a great advert for the Scoop6. I really enjoyed meeting her.’