Six for Wednesday, but it was nearly Seven

17 January, 2018

Going for combination Lucky 15s, Moidore at 16-1 in the 1pm at Market Rasen got the chop, but in the 1.20 at Newbury Doitforthevillage at 9-2 looks a punt, then back to Market Rasen in the 1.30 Bowie at 7-1, then Aimee De Sivola at 7-2 in the 2.40 at Market Rasen, then Kimberlite Candy at 9-2 in the 3pm at Newbury, then back to Market Rasen for Midnight Monty at 4-1 in the 3.10 and finally Lozah at 11-2 in the 4.30 at Newcastle. Here's to more winners than Monday!

The Joy Of Six On A Tuesday

16 January, 2018

A clutch of combination EW Lucky 15s after yesterday's 20-1, 5-1 and 4-1 winners, it's worth another go for four or more! The first five are all at Hereford starting with Romanor at 11-1 in the 12.20, then The Kings Writ at 5-1 in the 2pm, then Theatre Stage at 3-1 in the 2.30, then Gassin Golf at 11-4 in the 3.05, then Gores Island at 20-1 in the 3.40 and finally over to Kempton for Metkaif at 5-1 in the 6.10. Fingers crossed if following! With Gores Island a non-runner, Bop It at 14-1 in the 4.45 at Kempton is a last minute replacement!

The joy of six on a Monday

15 January, 2018

A clutch of combination EW Lucky 15s to start the week starting with Grand Morning at 7-2 in the 1.10 at Ayr, then Rowdy Rocher at 9-1 in the 2.15, then Ballyheigue Bay at 7-1 in the 2.30, then Hills Of Dubai at 5-1 in the 2.50, then What A Dream at 20-1 in the 3.55 at Ayr and finally off to Wolverhampton for Letmestopyouthere at 6-1 in the 5.10. Fingers crossed if following. 

Four for Fun on Sunday

14 January, 2018

AN EW Lucky 15 starting with Blue Hussar at 12-1 in the 1.40 at Kelso, then Shannak at 9-2 in the 2.05 at Fairyhouse, then Townshend at 5-1 in the 2.35 at Fairyhouse and finally Letemgo at 9-1 in the 2.45 at Kelso. Fingers crossed if following for more than the three winners we managed in yesterday's combination bets!


Five For Fun On Friday Evening

12 January, 2018

A combination EW Lucky 15 starting with a trio of selections at Dundalk in the 5pm Chicago School at 4-1, then in the 5.30 Reckless Lad at 5-1, in the 7pm Sweet Company at 12-1 and over to Newcastle for Mansfield at 9-2 in the 7.15 and finally back to Dundalk for Palace Guard at 3-1 in the 8.30. Fingers crossed if following.

Four For Fun On Friday

12 January, 2018

AN EW Lucky 15 starting with three at Huntingdon in the 1.30 Travertine at 13-2, in the 2pm Lad Of Luck at 11-4, in the 2.30 Riverside City at 6-1 and finally in the 8.15 at Newcastle Captain Scooby at 25-1. Fingers crossed for some winners ahead of the weekend.

The Joy Of Six On a Thursday

11 January, 2018

A clutch of combination EW Lucky 15s starting with three at Leicester in the 2.20 The New Pharoah at 7-1, in the 2.50 Edward Elgar at 12-1 and in the 3.25 Sporty Yankee at 20-1, then over to Catterick for a couple in the 2.35 Sun Cloud at 4-1 and in the 3.45 Hartside at 8-1 and finally over to the sunshine and Meydan for Bravo Zolo at 5-1 in the 5.25. Fingers crossed if following!

The Joy Of Six On A Wednesday

10 January, 2018

A clutch of combination EW Lucky 15s today starting with three at Ludlow in the 2.25 Gamain at 14-1, then Abracadabra Sivola at 10-1 in the 3pm and The Last Barat 5-1 in the 3.35, then Aibell at 5-2 in the 3.55 at Lingfield and we'll finish off with a couple at Kempton in the 4.45 Legal History at 8-1 and in the 5.45 Mac O'Polo at 6-1. Fingers crossed if following!

Four for fun on Sunday

07 January, 2018

AN EW Lucky 15 starting with three from Plumpton in the 2.05 Cafe Au Lait at 7-2, then in the 2.35 Shotgun Paddy at 11-1 and in the 3.45 Not Never at 10-3 and finally over to Ireland for Urbanist at 7-2 in the 3.25 at Naas and this fellow owes us no favours having dropped us a 6th of the near Million Euro Pick6 pool at Punchestown the other week!

Five for fun on Friday

05 January, 2018

A combination EW Lucky 15 starting with a couple at Dundalk in the 6.30 Isheabayoragrey at 13-2, then in the 7pm Ringside Humour at 7-1, then over to Kempton for Erinyes at 7-2 in the 7.45, then back to Dundalk for Cristal Icon at 10-1 in the 8.30 and finally in the 8.45 at Kempton Steal The Scene at 7-1. Fingers crossed if following!

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