Five for fun on Sunday

26 March, 2017

After four places yesterday and a small profit, it's worth another go today starting with Bubble Bellini at 12-1 in the 3.10 at Naas, then Folsom Blue at 6-1 in the 3.50 at Downpatrick, though Federici is well backed in the same race having won it last year, then in the 4.30 at Hereford Cafe Au Lait at 3-1, then in the 4.40 at Naas Canary Row at 11-1 and finally Jammin Masters at 11-2 in the 4.50 at Downpatrick. Fingers crossed if following!

Five for fun on Friday

24 March, 2017

An EW combination Lucky 15 ahead of the weekend action, starting with Ballyheigue Bay at 11-2 in the 3.05 at Newbury, then four up at Musselburgh starting with Civil Unrest at 9-2 in the 3.50, then Craig Star at 10-1 in the 4.20, then Parc De Princes at 7-1 in the 4.55 and finally Porto Du Sud at 10-1 in the 5.25. Fingers crossed if following!

The Joy of Six on a Thursday

23 March, 2017

A clutch of EW Lucky 15s today starting with three at Chepstow in the 3.50 Loughalder at 7-1, in the 4.20 Mystery Drama at 7-1, in the 4.50 Benvolio at 7-2, then across to Ireland for three at Cork in the 4.05 Fiesole at 4-1, then Conna Cross at 3-1 in the 5.05 and finally Captainofthefleet at 6-1 in the 5.35. One things for 25-1 winner for us today after yesterday's bumper payout!

Another five for Wednesday after a wonderful 25-1 winner

22 March, 2017

Back to the well at Kempton with another combination EW Lucky 15 as The Last Bridge paid out at 50s with just one winner in the earlier bet...these are all at Kempton and start with Breakheart at 10-1 in the 5.45, then in the 7.15 Varsovian at 7-1, then Under Siege at 7-2 in the 7.45, then Shalianzi at 5-1 in the 8.15 and finally Justice Rock at 13-2 in the 9.15. Fingers crossed if following! Here's to hammering home the advantage!

Five for fun on Wednesday

22 March, 2017

An EW combination Lucky 15 today starting with four at Warwick, in the 2.20 Stick To The Plan at 14-1, then in the 3.50 Black Narcissus at 11-2, in the 4.20 Listen To The Man at 3-1, in the 4.50 The Last Bridge at 16-1 and finally in the 5pm at Newcastle Spirit Of The Vale at 5-2. Fingers crossed if following and a return to winning ways would be welcome.

Six for Tuesday

21 March, 2017

An EW combination Lucky 15 in a bid to get back to winning ways, starting with Vodka Wells at 22-1 in the 3.25 at Wetherby, then Gold Ingot at 8-1 in the 4pm at Wetherby, then Capard King at 5-1 in the 4.15 at Exeter, then 4.35 at Wetherby Doktor Glaz at 10-3, then Thelobstercatcher at 25-1 in the 4.40 at Clonmel and finally King Charlie at 9-1 in the 4.50 at Exeter! Fingers crossed for a winning day.

Five for fun on Monday

20 March, 2017

A combination EW Lucky 15 today starting with four at Southwell; in the 2.40 Mister Grez at 5-1, in the 3.40 Camron De Chaillac at 13-2, in the 4.10 Uncle Percy at 11-2 and in the 4.40 Witham at 9-2 and finally down to Taunton for Lady of Longstone at 6-1 in the 4.50. Fingers crossed for a winning day!

The joy of six or so on a Sunday

19 March, 2017

After fair returns for four places yesterday, it's more combination EW Lucky 15s today, shame the Scoop6 went, but the bonus may hold on and the starting fund will be decent. Anyhow, today starts with Lilshane at 9-2 on for a repeat win in the 3.10 at Navan, then in the 3.25 at Limerick Stolberg at 16-1, then in the 3.35 at Ffos Las Calculated Risk at 7-1, then in the 3.55 at Carlisle a couple Cloudy Too at 11-2 and No Planning 10-1, then the 4.20 at Navan Skellig Rocks at 14-1 and finally last, but by no means least, Bob Ford at 5-1 in the 4.45 at Ffos Las. Here's to a winning end to the weekend!

It just got a lot easier with Carlisle's just the five picks in combination EW Lucky 15s, so for example 75 x 10p EW Lucky 15s costs £15 and it's worth a further 10p EW on the five-timer just in case, so £15.20 in total at those stakes.

Saturday selections in combination Lucky 15s for members only

18 March, 2017

Yes, after yesterday's wipeout on the punting front, our FREE tips are going behind a paywall today.....well they are available only to members of our Scoop6 syndicate playing for the combined pools of around £900,000-plus and can be seen on the Club Picks page.

We've done the Lucky 15s as a bonus to members on six selections (five of them in the Scoop6 races, including a 20-1 shot) and if all six are correct the overall return at the taken odds would be £337,621.26. That's a longshot with just one pick a race, but we will be having multiple selections in our Scoop6 perms, so the potential for returns is greatly enhanced. The cost of the FREE bets for members is £232 today (the Club picks up the tab on the bet) on top of what comes in for the Scoop6 perms and returns will be split proportionately to stake between the one-dayer members and the Series 44 players. 

After Tuesday's Cheltenham Festival 221-1 double and Wednesday's 1,424-1 treble it went a bit downhill on the final two days of the Festival, with just EW returns on Thursday and a blank on Friday. Yet the racing was fantastic and we'd already banked a profit by the end of play on Wednesday with several members scoring five figure wins, so well done to them. First race today in all our bets is the 1.30 at Kempton, so get on by then.

Friday fancies for the Festival

17 March, 2017

An extravaganza of EW Lucky 15s today - leaving out the On The Fringe race as that could be history in the making, so we start with Soldier In Action at 25-1 in the 1.30, then Wait For Me at 14-1 in the 2.10, then Augusta Kate at 13-2 in the 2.50, then More of That at 14-1 in the 3.30, then a couple in the 4.50 Battleford at 7-1 and Remiluc - advised the other day at 66s - now at 50s and finally Solar Impulse at 50-1 in the 5.30. Fingers crossed for a return to winning ways. We are swerving the Scoop6 today, but will be playing tomorrow with the final week of Series 44. Good luck to all members and any non-members reading this.

If you find the combination EW Lucky 15s confusing, just pick your favourite four nice names from the above and do them in a straight EW lucky 15, but the combination offers the bonanza returns.

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