Five For Fun On A Friday

23 February, 2018

A combination EW Lucky 15 starting with Robert's Star at 7-2 in the 2pm at Exeter, then Mickey at 9-2 in the 3.50 at Lingfield, then Capard King at 6-1 in the 4.40 at Warwick, then Shotgun Paddy at 15-2 in the 4.50 at Exeter and finally California Lad at 13-2 in the 9pm at Dundalk. 

The Joy Of Six On A Tuesday

20 February, 2018

A Clutch of EW combination Lucky 15s starting with The King's Writ at 4-1 in the 3.10 at Taunton, then Aldawayfornothing at 10-1 in the 3.25 at Clonmel, then Dulce Panem at 6-1 in the 4.05 at Wetherby, then Auenwirbel at 10-1 in the 4.15 at Taunton, then Lunar Flow at 10-3 in the 4.40 at Wetherby and finally Persian Prize at 10-3 in the 7.40 at Wolverhampton. Fingers crossed for a winning day!

Four For Fun on Monday

19 February, 2018

An EW Lucky 15 starting with Ben Arthur at 5-1 in the 2.15 at Lingfield, then Dakota Grey at 5-1 in the 2.30 at Carlisle, then The Artful Cobbler at 10-3 in the 3.50 at Lingfield and finally Letemgo at 5-2 in the 4.05 at Carlisle. Fingers crossed if following!

Four for Fun on Friday Evening

16 February, 2018

An EW Lucky 15 to end the day starting with My Good Brother at 5-1 in the 6pm at Dundalk, then a couple at Newcastle in the 6.45 Semana Santa at 13-2 and in the 7.45 Glorious Politics at 9-1 and finally Mainicini at 9-2 in the 8pm at Dundalk. Fingers crossed for a winning finsih to Friday ahead of a decent looking Saturday Scoop6!

Five for Fun on A Friday

16 February, 2018

A combination EW Lucky 15 to try and get us back on track ahead of the weekend starting with four at Sandown in the 1.20 Subcontinent at 7-2, then Midnight Tune at 4-1 in the 2.25, then Midnight Monty at 7-2 in the 3pm, then Step Back at 5-2 in the 4.05 and finally Glorious Politics at 10-1 in the 7.45 at Newcastle. Fingers crossed for a return to winning ways.

Four For Fun On Thursday and a 100-1 shot for the Grand National

15 February, 2018

After yesterday's 25-1 winner, we're going back to the well with an EW Lucky 15 starting with Rowdy Rocher at 14-1 in the 3.35 at Kelso, then Matrow's Lady at 4-1 in the 4.20 at Fontwell, then a couple atChelmsford in the 8pm Harbour Patrol at 5-2 and in the 8.30 Be Bold at 7-2.

On the Grand National front Houblon Des 0beaux at 100-1 the first five places looks worth a punt, we all remember Mr Spider's 2009 tip for Mon Mome - a 100-1 winner of that year's Grand National. He's clearly hoping lightning can strike twice, but suspects Houblon won't be 100s on the day!

Five To Fall In Love With On Valentine's Day

14 February, 2018

A combination EW Lucky 15 starting with GI Jayne at 8-1 in the 2.10 at Towcester, then Rockcliffe at 25-1 in the 3.30 at Musselburgh, then Some Finish at 7-1 in the 4.10 at Towcester, then Witness at 11-1 in the 4.30 at Musselburgh and finally Acclaim The Nation at 7-1 in the 6.45 at Wolverhampton. Fingers crossed for a winning day!

Four For Fun on a Tuesday

13 February, 2018

A Lucky 15 with the first four races at Southwell in the 2.20 Ingleby Spring at 6-1, in the 2.55 Argante at 6-1, in the 3.25 Swashbuckle at 12-1 and finally in the 4pm Mister Music at 6-1. Fingers firmly crossed!

The Joy Of Six On A Monday

12 February, 2018

After three nice Sunday winners at 8-1, 15-2 and 4-1, it's well worth another try today to do a bit a clutch of combination EW Lucky 15s starting with a couple at Catterick in the 2.35 Aaron Lad at 3-1, then in the 3.35 Hit And Run at 6-1, then a couple at Plumpton in the 4.20 Landscape at 16-1 and in the 4.50 Third Act at 4-1, then finishing off with a couple at Wolverhampton in the 5.40 Battle Lines at 5-1 and in the 8.10 Tha'ir at 3-1. It was tricky and threw out another three at Wolverhampton to make the bet work with Novabridge at 5-1 in the 7.10 and Roy's Legacy at 7-2 in the 7.40 and Outlaw Torn at 4-1 in the 8.40 all just failing to get into the final selections.


11 February, 2018

A combination EW Lucky 15 starting with Venetien de Mai in the 1.40 at Punchestown, ten a couple at Exeter in the 3.05 Present Times at 9-2, then Band of Blood at 15-2, then back to Punchestown for Folsom Blue at 8-1 in the 4.20 and finally over to Ayr for Smugglers Stash at 4-1 in the 4.30. Fingers crossed if following!

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