Four for Fun on Thursday

25 May, 2017

An EW Lucky 15 starting with a couple at Goodwood in the 2.35 Shady McCoy at 4-1, then Cotton Club at 13-2 in the 3.10, then up to Catterick  for Meshardal at 4-1 in the 3.30 and finally down to Chelmsford for Andalusite at 10-1 in the 6.20. Fingers crossed if following!

Four for fun on Wednesday

24 May, 2017

An EW Lucky 15 today starting with a couple at Lingfield in the 3.10 Milrow at 11-1 and in the 4.10 Zipedeedodah at 11-2, then up to Ayr for Zodiakos at 11-1 in the 4.20 and finally over to Wexford for Sparkalark at 17-2 int he 7.30. Fingers crossed if following!

Tuesday tickles

23 May, 2017

A Combination EW Lucky 15 starting with a couple at Brighton in the 3.50 Becca Campbell at 3-1, then Megalala at 14-1 in the 4.20, then up to Newcastle for Inshaa at 11-1 in the 4.40 and finally a couple over at Gowran Park in the 6.25 Canary Row at 15-2 and in the 7.25 Fastidious at 9-1. Fingers crossed if following.

Five for fun on Monday

22 May, 2017

A combination EW Lucky 15 starting with three at Carlisle in the 3.20 Ravenhoe at 12-1, in the 5.25 Maureb at 16-1, in the 6pm Teak at 9-2, then over to Punchestown for the final pair in the 6.45 Ted Bach at 9-1 and in the 8.15 Emigrated at 8-1. Fingers crossed if following.

The joy of six on a Sunday

21 May, 2017

It's a clutch of EW Lucky 15s after a couple of winners and a decent third in last night's bet, so we start with Sky Khan at 8-1 in the 3.30 at Market Rasen, then Nobody Home at 9-2 in the 3.35 at Limerick, then Knight Owl at 6-1 in the 3.40 at Ripon, then Sun Cloud at 4-1 in the 3.50 at Stratford, then Not For You at 7-2 in the 4.35 at Limerick and finally Mr Right at 7-1 in the 4.45 at Naas. Here's to a winning end to the weekend.

A Lucky 15 to round off the day

20 May, 2017

An EW Lucky 15 after a proliferation of places, starting with three at Uttoxeter , firstly Baraboy at 10-1 in the 7.35, then Eddy at 11-2 in the 8.05, then Holryale at 10-3 in the 8.35 and finally over to Doncaster for Dandyleekie at 7-2 in the 8.50.

York fancies

18 May, 2017

After a great start with Master Carpenter at York at 14-1 yesterday, things went a bit pear-shaped, but it's back to the coalface today with all picks for the Knavesmire. Starting with a couple of EW Lucky 15s in the 2.20 Soie D'Leau at 10-1, then in the 3.30 Benbatl at 4-1, then in the 4.05 a couple Top Notch Tonto at 14-1 and Instant Attraction at 28-1 and finally in the 5.35 Grumeti at 8-1. The other of interest is The Black Princess at 5-2 in the 2.55 at York, with the trainer taking out the warm favourite and leaving in his second string proven on soft ground. Here's to a winning day!

Wednesday winners with a little luck

17 May, 2017

A batch of EW Lucky 15s today starting with four in the first race at York, in a bid to land the winner, in the 2.20 Master Carpenter at 14-1, Saunter at 12-1, Repercussion at 17-2 and Lovell at 13-2, then in the 2.55 George Bowen at 14-1, in the 4.35 Sir Reginald Brown at 11-1 though Chessman looks a worth favourite, in the 5.35 Chancery at 11-1 and finally in the 8.15 at Punchestown Na Trachtalai Abu at 12-1. Here's to a winning day!

Another EW combination Lucky 15 for Tuesday

16 May, 2017

An EW combination Lucky 15 starting with Eaton Rock at 14-1 in the 5.30 at Southwell, then Cheque En Blanc at 14-1 in the 7pm at Southwell and the remaining three picks are all 6-1 in the 7.10 at Chepstow Indian Affair, in the 8.30 at Southwell Intifadah and finally Chapter Seven in the 8.50 at Killarney.

Tuesday tickles

16 May, 2017

A couple of  EW combination Lucky 15s starting with a couple in the opener at Sedgefield - apologies this was written up four hours ago, but failed to post. In the 1.50 at Sedgefield it's Sendayim at 10-3 and Roxyfet at 14-1, then in the 2pm at Beverley Porchy Party at 3-1, in the 5.35 at Beverley Amadeus Roxat 11-4, then at Chepstow in the 7.10 Indian Giver at 13-2 and finally over to Killarney for Chapter Seven at 7-1 in the 8.50. Fingers crossed if following!

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